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Local News Summary, July 14th

  • Hot rods at the Biker Days Basel
  • Too dry! Baselland warns of low water levels and dry ground despite the rain
  • Shops in the city centre of Basel use the summer holidays: Grieder builds a café at the expense of the sales area

Hot rods at the Biker Days Basel

It begins today: Motorcycle fanatics at the Biker Days Basel will start their three-day festival. It includes 50 exhibitors, fire and acrobatics shows, international bands, and a large motorbike ride-out through the city of Basel. Under the motto “The Rockin‘ Motorcycle Festival”, rock and motorbike fans will indulge their passion for hot rods and rock to live sounds. The international motorbike festival, held at Uferstrasse from Friday to Sunday, is free for visitors and is putting on loads of action: which will include entertainment from the “Fuel Girls”, a cowgirl, and a female blade swallower. In addition, seven live bands will play a range of music, from hard rock to rockabilly, and from punk to country music, directly at the Rhine.

Nine catering stalls will provide food for the guests and a market with 50 exhibitors will invite visitors to a discovery journey of the biking lifestyle. Renowned motorcycle brands such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Triumph, Headbanger, Moto Guzzi, and Indian will present their novelties and accessories and show off their skills. In the indoor area at Uferstrasse 90, visitors can get a tattoo or get a haircut in the fifties style from a hairdresser.

Big ride out on Saturday through the city

Several hundred motorcycles are expected to take part in the ride out tomorrow. The route will start at Westquaistrasse and travel via Hochbergerplatz, Riehenring, Wettsteinplatz, Bankenplatz, the bridge near Markthalle, Steinenring, Spalenring, Burgfelderplatz, Kannenfeldplatz, Vogesenplatz, Voltaplatz, Dreirosenbrücke, Klybeck, and Gärtnerstrasse back to the Wiesendamm. The organisers expect 15,000 visitors at the weekend.

Too dry! Baselland warns of low water levels and dry ground despite the rain

The situation for the environment in Baselland is on edge due to low water levels. The office for environmental protection and energy is considering bringing in a general water restriction. The cantonal crisis unit at Baselland and the office for forestry of both Basels are also calling for caution with fires outdoors due to the long-lasting drought.

Not enough rain fell in the entire region in the past weeks and a distinctive rainfall over the entire area is not expected. In addition, it is going to be very hot in the coming days, according to the forecast. has already reported that, especially in Baselland, the drought is reaching alarming proportions.

The situation concerning water levels in reservoirs is tense. The office for environmental protections and energy (AUE) has pointed out that any water removal from surface water needs a permit.
Water withdrawal limited even with a permit

Even permitted water withdrawal is only allowed when the conditions for it are given according to the permit. This means that a sufficient water level is necessary. The AUE observes the water level of reservoirs and, when appropriate, considers introducing a ban of water withdrawal. If the weather does not change, next week smaller streams such as the Homburger and Bennwiler will dry up. Corresponding preparations have been put in place.

Cautious when making a fire outdoors
The biggest danger these days are picnic fires in the forests or the surrounding areas. Discarded cigarettes are also a potential danger. The situation in general requires in a very cautious and reluctant usage of fire in and around the forest. At the same time, the wildfire risk remains at stage 2 (yellow, moderate).

Shops in the city centre of Basel use the summer holidays: Grieder builds a café at the expense of the sales area

The online competition for the city centre is still increasing, and it is known that shops in particular are affected. The shops in the city centre try to fight back with new ideas again and again. The fashion shop Grieder in Eisengasse now also added a café-concept at the expense of its own sales area.

It’s the summer holidays and the city centre clearly experiences them. Many Baslers are travelling, yet the city is still not empty. But many companies use this time of weaker profits for their company holidays. The flower shop Fleurs des Rois and the Mercedes Café in Schneidergasse, for example, will welcome their guests again in August. Other shops however convert their premises such as the Edelstai-Lädeli or the blouse and jumper shop, Novelli. In many shops big sale posters in the shop windows point at cheaper prices.