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Local News Summary, July 15th

  • A peek into the future: 250,000 Baslers until 2040?
  • Two alleged burglars caught in the act in Münchenstein
  • Flasher caught in Allschwil

A peek into the future: 250,000 Baslers until 2040?

The boom has no end: According to a demographics statistics scenario, Basel-Stadt could have 250,000 citizens by 2040. The office for statistics takes a peak into the future.While local popular TV psychic Mike Shiva has taken some time off from seeing into the future and is wandering the lands with his luxury car and his small dog instead, the canton has not remained idle. The Office for Statistics has developed a vision for the year 2040 together with a working group from all seven city departments."Looking at population development, it is certainly apparent that the many people born years ago are now entering retirement age,"  Prognosis manager, Lukas Mohler, said.But as Basel continues to experience a large international immigration of mostly young people, the aging population does not affect the city canton as much as other cantons.

More people on 37 square kilometres

The numbers provided by the office for statistics are spectacular: At the largest estimate, the population could rise by 50,000 – by 2040: an increase of 25 per cent. This will mean 247,000 citizens would live on the 37 square kilometres of Basel-Stadt. At the smallest estimate (for instance if there is less construction), the city population would shrink in size and 185,000 citizens would share the space.“This scenario is based on developments in the 1990s, when there was little construction and many people moved to different cantons,” said Mr Mohler. The 1990s were an era of migration to the countryside and the constructions of homes in Baselland.Booming KleinbaselLukas Mohler is also positively surprised by the fact that the birth rate in Basel is increasing: “It seems to be en vogue again to have children,” he said."It is likewise striking that Basel will potentially have more young inhabitants than other cantons in 23 years’ time."Nowadays, there are 33,000 citizens below the age of 20 – in 2040, this number is expected to rise to 37,000. The expert committee also came to the conclusion that the Kleinbasel quarter will grow the most. “This is because most of the construction projects are planned for that part of Basel,” Mr Mohler explained. If these projects are all realised,Kleinbasel will become a booming quarter, according to the prognosis.Insecurity because of Free Movement of Persons AgreementFor the team leader, it is also noteworthy that the number of people considered "of working age" will only increase by three per cent by 2040. A total of 126,000 people are working in Basel today and there will be 130,000 in 23 years. For Mr Mohler, the "middling" (medium) scenario is the most likely one for Basel. According to this model, Basel-Stadt would grow by 16,000 citizens. The population scenario by the office for statistics clearly shows that Basel-Stadt profited very strongly from the implementation of the Free Movement of People Agreement. If this agreement were cancelled, the amount of immigration would decrease and the city would start to shrink again like in the 1990s. Basel’s favourite psychic might have provided all of this information in a more entertaining manner, but the Office for Statistics is more than a worthy stand-in for Mike Shiva.Two alleged burglars caught in the act in MünchensteinTwo children were allegedly caught burgling a family home in Rigiweg, Münchenstein at 5.30pm on Thursday evening.The police of Basel-Landschaft were quickly on the scene with several patrols and arrested two alleged perpetrators (both 11 years old) as they were leaving the house. Their nationality is still unclear. Both kids are in custody.The youth advocacy of Baselland has opened criminal proceedings against the two perpetrators and started an age assessment. Police and advocacy services are investigating whether the arrested youths might be responsible for other burglaries. 

Flasher caught in Allschwil

A flasher was caught by the police in the Spitzwald area in Allschwil on Monday evening.The police were called shortly after 8pm by a jogger who said there was an exhibitionist in the forest. The 56-year- old man, who is Swiss and lives in the region, admitted the crime. There are ongoing investigations to clarify whether he could have been involved in similar incidents.The man is facing charges by the public prosecution of Baselland.