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Local News Summary of April, 21st

  • Internationally wanted man arrested at EuroAirport
  • Cash machine on fire in Allschwil - police suspect arson
  • Not with our players, says FC Basel about spontaneous champions celebration

Internationally wanted man arrested at EuroAirport

Swiss border guards have arrested a Macedonian citizen who is wanted in connection with international drug crimes. The 41-year-old man had intended to travel to Switzerland after arriving at the EuroAirport on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey.

Passport control officers discovered through checks that the man is wanted internationally in relation to gang-related drug crimes. He was arrested by Swiss border guards on behalf of the Federal Office for Justice and taken into custody.

Cash machine on fire in Allschwil - police suspect arson

The police are investigating a possible arson attack after a cash machine belonging to Swiss Post caught fire on Wednesday night.

A call was made to the control room of Baselland police in Liestal at 1.50am that a cash machine at Lindenplatz in Allschwil was on fire. By the time the emergency services arrived it was fully ablaze. A crew of fire fighters quickly extinguished the flames.

Evidence found at the scene has led the police to believe that the fire was started deliberately. They are looking for a man around 170-175cm tall who was seen near the cash machine at the time. He was wearing a motorcycle jacket and dark trousers.

Anyone who may have seen this man or who saw anything suspicious around Lindenplatz in Allschwil is asked to contact the police.

Not with our players, says FC Basel about spontaneous champions celebration

The FC Basel could potentially win the championship for the 20th time on Sunday. However, the players will not be attending a spontaneous champions celebration, the FC Basel confirmed. The official champions celebration will instead take place on the Saturday before Pentecost: This year it is on in the late afternoon so families also have a chance to attend the celebration.

After many requests about possible celebrations if the team wins the championship for the 20th time, FC Basel 1893 wanted to make an exception this year by making an announcement. Of course all information provided is only valid if the FC Basel wins the Swiss football championship for the 8th time in a row.

After consultations with delegates of supporters, the FCB has decided that the team will not appear in public on their day off - not even at a “spontaneous celebration”.

The situation is that the first team of the FC Basel could win the championship on a day when it doesn't even play a game. According to the majority of those involved, if the FC Basel becomes the champion team purely from the results of other games played on other pitches, it would not be the right context for a spontaneous celebration of the 20th championship in the club's history.

Celebration also for families

However, the following date should definitely be pencilled in: Due to the possibility of winning the championship for the 20th time and thus achieving the second star for the club, FC Basel 1893 plans a grand and special official celebration the day after the last game played, on the Saturday before Pentecost (3 June).

Starting in the late afternoon, there will be a red and blue celebration in Basel city centre, which can also be attended by families - unlike the late-night celebrations in recent years. The celebration is to be planned together with the city authorities of

Basel and other authorities. The planning is ongoing and the public will be informed as soon as the framework conditions have been clarified and the FCB does indeed win the Swiss football championship. Nevertheless, the FC Basel asks all supporters to pencil in Saturday, 3 June.