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Local News Summary of August, 5th

  • Heat caused circus accident
  • Spalenvorstadt surprises with poems in shop windows
  • Tips by Basler city gardeners to care for a garden in the heat


Heat caused circus accident

A 10-year-old girl was lucky not to be injured when she fell three metres from a trapeze at the youth circus in Basel on Friday night. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated for concussion. The president of the circus said the accident was caused by the current heat wave.

Heat caused accident

Michael Grieder, president of the «Quartier Circus Bruederholz» was interviewed by

Will the following shows take place as planned?

We are very relieved that the girl is fine. She suffered a cerebral concussion and is not able to perform during the entire season. But the shows will go on as planned.

Was it the first accident like this in the Quartier Circus Bruederholz?

No, but accidents can happen any time during sport activities. In this respect there is no difference between the circus and sport clubs. Luckily, nothing serious has ever happened in the last 40 years.

Was the circus act too difficult or was it a mistake out of nervousness?

We examine safety issues with every act we show and never let children do something which is too risky. The accident on Friday was caused by the heat in the tent. The girl slipped from her partner.

Original message

According to investigations by the prosecution Basel-Stadt, the girl slipped from the arms of her partner at 9.30pm during a trapeze act in a show by the «Quartier Circus Bruederholz» (QCB). The girl then was brought to the university children hospital of Basel.

The show at QCB, which was being performed in front of 300 spectators, was cancelled. The criminal police of the prosecution began an investigation.

Around 50 young artists train in the QCB during the entire year for the shows taking place in the summer holidays in a tent on the Bruderholz. The knowledge gets passed from older to younger children, according to the QCB website. The youth circus was founded in 1978.


Spalenvorstadt surprises with poems in shop windows

Strollers through Spalenvorstadt won't just find gems among the shops but also beautiful words these days.

While shops in the city centre still are earmarked by «SALE» stickers in the shop windows, Spalenvorstadt is a bit more quiet. Here attention is not sought by aggressive words in capital letters but with fine handwriting. «We tried this for the first time this year, they are mostly texts about the summer, chosen by the shops themselves, and written by Bea Müller from “moosgrün” in her beautiful handwriting», wrote Isabelle Hof from «Bücher Ganzoni» on request of «It's a mutual action with IG Spalenvorstadt called Sommer in der Spalenvorstadt.»

Yet not all shop windows have poems. Overzealous cleaners have removed the texts accidentally, for example in the «Zauberlädeli». Hopefully they will soon be replaced by Bea Müller. recommends a stroll through Spalenvorstadt, not just because of the texts but also the enchanting shops which can be discovered.


Tips by Basler city gardeners to care for a garden in the heat

While rain is still out of sight the hot weather dries out trees and plants. Watering is important in gardens and on balconies. The manager of the city gardeners tells what is important in this respect.

Ever since a thunderstorm on 1stAugust cooled down the region, the temperatures have been rising. Rain is still out of sight for a bit. Garden and balcony owners often do not know how to water the plants, which plant needs water desperately, which doesn't? They look for a balance between care and saving water.

Nightcap for plants

Emanuel Trueb, manager of the city gardeners, has a lot of experience and advises the population to water plants after sunset or early in the morning. Doing this, water evaporates to a lesser extent and plants can take up more. It is ideal to use a hose. «Like this, plants get exactly the water they need. This takes time, a good spray head on the hose waters the ground on which plants grow.»

Observation is important

A sprinkler saves time, is good for big surfaces but is not so good for singular plants. If leaves are always wet, the risk of fungus is rising. Not all trees, shrubs, and flowers should be watered the same way. Especially young plants and trees need a lot of water in these hot days, such as flowers. It depends on the tree species which tree needs additional water. «The plant must be observed and decide whether it already looks too dry and the leaves are hanging down.»

The priorities of the city gardeners

Not all plants, green areas and borders of flowers are treated equally. «Now especially young plants and young trees need water», said Mr Trueb. Their roots are not deep enough to reach the ground water. Also the colourful beds of flowers must be watered now. This is mostly an automatic process. «We ask ourselves: Where would the drought cause long lasting damage and so we prioritise those places.»

It would be possible that the city gardeners stop or diminish watering, but this has never happened before. «We never had too little water. Shortage could only occur among staff and technology.» There is still enough water, but it shouldn't be wasted. This is a question of morale, since the water used for watering is also potable.