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Local News Summary of August, 7th

  • Attack on policemen in Thun: two people injured
  • Elisabethenstrasse goes one-way from today
  • One person injured after assault in Webergasse

Attack on policemen in Thun: two people injured

An investigation has begun after a number of policemen were attacked at the train station in Thun following a football game between FC Thun and FC Basel on Saturday night. Two officers suffered minor injuries.

It is alleged that several people wearing hooded tops attacked members of the civil cantonal police of Bern. One policewoman was injured when a flagpole was thrown towards police officers standing near the Bahnhofplatz. A short time later, on platform one, they allegedly attacked several policemen with pepper spray and hit and kicked them.

One policewoman and one policeman were injured during the attacks. Several other officers had health complaints due to the pepper spray.

From the police's point of view, the arrival in the early afternoon and the departure of the fans had been quiet up to these events. During the game several flammable pyro objects were set on fire. The cantonal police of Bern have begun an investigation.

Elisabethenstrasse goes one-way from today

Elisabethenstrasse, between Bankverein and Henric Petri-Strasse, can only be used by vehicles towards Wettsteinbrücke from today (Monday) until the end of September.

The reason is that the Basler power supplier IWB, the public transport company BVB and the civil engineering office are replacing underground pipes in the lower part of Elisabethenstrasse, as well as tarmac, pavements, and tram tracks. The goal is to maintain urban infrastructure and to establish a pedestrians' connection between the SBB train station and the city centre. During the next weeks, drivers must divert along a route via the train station and Heuwaage, Dufourstrasse, Aeschenplatz, Aeschengraben, and Nauenstrasse.

The next phase of construction focuses on works on the side of the street with even house numbers between Bankverein and Elisabethenkirche, according to a press release by the construction and traffic department and the BVB. In order to enable IWB to construct and replace underground pipes, the BVB will close the tram tracks towards the train station and partially remove them. 

What happens to the trams and cyclists

Tram lines 1 and 2 towards SBB train station are diverted from Bankverein via Aeschenplatz. The tram stop «Kirschgarten» will be out of service in this direction. The service in the other direction will run as usual. For all cyclists, diversions through the Kirschgarten area and Theaterstrasse are signalled. Since the pavement on the side with the even numbers is closed between Bankverein and Elisabethenkirche, pedestrians must use the other side of the street.

Complete closure starting end of September

Elisabethenstrasse will be closed to all traffic completely between Bankverein and Klosterberg. The trams will circulate in both directions over Aeschenplatz, while all other traffic will be diverted.

Good and bad times from end of October

Trams will circulate again through Elisabethenstrasse as of the end of October. All drivers and cyclists will still be diverted until the end of November. What has started in May 2014 with the first construction phase will find its end with the termination of the second construction phase and the introduction of the new traffic regime of the canton Basel-Stadt. This means: After the redesign, transit traffic for cars towards Wettsteinbrücke will be banned from November onwards.

One person injured after assault in Webergasse

A 45-year-old man was assaulted and injured in Webergasse near Klingental on Saturday night.

According to early investigations by the criminal police of the Basel prosecution, a 45-year-old was approached by three unknown people at 11pm at Webergasse last Sunday and immediately attacked by one of them. The victim was hit on the head several times. The perpetrators ran off while the victim had to be brought to the emergency unit of the hospital.

Shortly afterwards, the alleged perpetrators, three drunk men aged 20 to 22 from Somalia, were found. One policewoman was injured by one of the men during the operation - the attacker was arrested.

The events leading up to and the reason for the assault are still unknown and subject to investigations. Anyone who can provide related information is asked to contact the criminal police of the prosecution Basel-Stadt via the phone number 061 267 71 11 or at the nearest police station.