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Bild: Polizei BL
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Local News Summary of August, 8th

  • Tram in Binningen sprayed with red paint
  • Weko assesses takeover of «Basler Zeitung» by Tamedia
  • ESC Basel 2018 skateboard event in Basel

Tram in Binningen sprayed with red paint

The police are looking for witnesses after a moving tram was sprayed with red paint in Baselland on Tuesday morning.

Baselland police say the number 10 tram was travelled towards Dornach when it was sprayed with red paint along the entire left side (around 45 metres) by two people. They then fled in an unknown direction.

The cost of the vandalism has been put at several thousand Swiss francs.


1st offender: Male, approx. 16 to 18 years old, around 180 cm tall, and slim. At the time he wore blue jeans, a black jacket, and black shoes.

2nd offender: Male, approx. 16 to 18 years old, and around 170 cm tall. He was wearing dark clothes and shoes with white soles.

Anyone with information about the incident and/or the suspects is asked to contact the police control centre in Liestal on the phone number 061 553 35 35.

Weko assesses takeover of «Basler Zeitung» by Tamedia

The Competition Commission (Weko) is to examine the planned takeover of the «Basler Zeitung» by the media group Tamedia. The main concern of the review is about a possible market-dominant position on various markets by Tamedia.

There are indicators that the merger could create or strengthen a dominant position in the market for advertisers of print and online ads in German-speaking Switzerland and the Basel area, Weko announced on Tuesday.

In addition, there are also signs of the creation or strengthening of a collective dominance in the reader market for daily newspapers in the economic area of Basel as well as in the market for national print advertising for companies in German-speaking Switzerland, and in the markets for advertisers of property ads in German-speaking Switzerland and the economic area of Basel.

Weko will therefore examine the impact of the proposed merger on news competition in more detail. The audit must be carried out within a defined period of four months, the statement from Weko continued.

This in-depth examination of the planned takeover of «Basler Zeitung» (BaZ) from the previous owner, Zeitungshaus AG, will also delay the completion of the acquisition of the two newspapers «Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich» and «Furttaler/Rümlanger» by Zeitungshaus AG from Christoph Blocher, Tamedia writes in a press release.

Tamedia assumes that Weko will approve takeover

Tamedia however believe that the competition authority will give its approval, as it has not yet had any business activities focused on the Basel region. The decision is expected by the end of the year at the latest.

The integration of «Basler Zeitung» into Tamedia's network and the succession of Markus Somm, who will hand over the position as editor-in-chief of «Basler Zeitung» by the end of 2018, will be announced at a later date.

The «BaZ», created in 1977 through the merger of the left-liberal «National-Zeitung» with the liberal conservative «Basler Nachrichten», still has 99,000 readers, with a circulation of 46,353 copies. The weekly «Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich» is published in 126,594 copies and is distributed in most households as the city's official gazette.

ESC Basel 2018 skateboard event in Basel

Basel will this month welcome the skateboard elite from Switzerland and across Europe after a break of eight years. More than 100 participants from 15 nations are expected to attend the new ESC skateboard competition.

From 31August to 2 September, the Kunsti Margarethen will be full of skateboarders competing in street disciplines and taking part in various side events such as the Creapure® Highest Ollie Contest and the OG Game of SKATE.

On Friday and Saturday evening, the rolling and music continues in the harbour area with the ESC Nights in the Port Land Skatepark.