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Local News Summary of December, 18th

  • Bernese football legend turned 75 yesterday: Happy birthday, Karli Odermatt!
  • Four suspected burglars arrested following robbery
  • Grenzach-Wyhlen: trick through false Kabel-BW employee
  • Police pull Basler driver off the road after he was caught doing 139 km/h

Bernese football legend turned 75 yesterday: Happy birthday, Karli Odermatt!

The Bernese football star who has his roots in Lucerne celebrated his birthday on Sunday: Karl Odermatt, veteran YB player and darling of the capital city, turned 75. The former midfielder can look back on four extremely successful years as a well-paid professional footballer with FC Young Boys.

In 1977, Karli Odermatt won the Swiss Cup with the Bern team. This is, as we all know, the third last title that the Bernese could win. This he counted as his “golden era” with the Young Boys. How much his heart beats for the black/yellow team is proved by the fact that he ended his national team career before the beginning of his time with the Young Boys. Therefore he could invest so much energy into Bern – this commitment had definitely paid off.

Despite almost 40 years since the end of his professional career, Karli Odermatt did not lose his hero-status. We wish him all the best!

Four suspected burglars arrested following robbery

Four suspected burglars have been detained following a break-in at a detached house in Ettingen on Friday night.

A vigilant resident phoned the Baselland police at around 8.30pm to report that a break-in had just happened at Eigenweg in Ettingen. A police patrol rushed to the scene and the officers were able to find four people, who were seen leaving the scene, grab them and detain them. The men – two Serbians aged 38 and 40, a 35-year-old Croatian and a 38-year-old Italian – were then arrested on suspicion of committing a burglary.

It is currently being investigated whether the four men had committed further break-ins. The public prosecution office has opened a criminal case against the men and will apply to the compulsory measures court for them to be kept in custody.

Grenzach-Wyhlen: trick through false Kabel-BW employee

The police are looking for witnesses after an 88-year-old man and his 77-year-old wife  reportedly became victims of a trickster. 

The elderly man told the police that two men came to his door on the fifth floor of a block of flats in Hornboden on Friday at around 4.30pm. One man, aged around 35, claimed to be from the firm Kabel-BW and pretended that he had a contract to carry out some work in the house. The man was neither wearing a work uniform, nor was he carrying any identification. The man spent more than an hour in the elderly couple‘s flat and obtained their trust through devious means by intensive discussions and making pretend phone calls. The elderly man only realised on the Saturday morning that his new mobile phone was gone.

Any witnesses with relevant information or who also may have registered something suspicious are asked to contact the police in Grenzach-Wyhlen on: 07624 98900 or the police station in Rheinfelden on: 07623 74040.

The police issued a warning to the public not to allow strangers into their houses who had not previously made an appointment, or who did not have a reason to be there or who cannot identify themselves.

Police pull Basler driver off the road after he was caught doing 139 km/h

A driver was pulled off the road by the police near Würenlos on Saturday after being caught doing a speed of 139 km/h. The 47-year-old Basler had to hand over his licence.

Two further drivers who broke the speed limit during the same control are facing the same fate, a spokesperson for the Aargau cantonal police said on Sunday. They were caught in a speed trap at 114 and 115 km/h respectively.