Bild: Keystone
Bild: Keystone
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Local News Summary of December, 3rd

  • Trains running normally at Bahnhof SBB again
  • Witnesses sought after robbery at Morgartenring


Trains running normally at Bahnhof SBB again

Trains leaving and ariving at Bahnhof SBB the trains are again following the regular timetable after the derailment of a German ICE train on Wednesday.

The Swiss Federal Railway company (SBB) announced at the time that repairs would be carried out around the clock until they were completed. Amongst other tasks, dozens of workers had to repair the affected switches, one of which was completely replaced.

The cost of the damage is expected to run into millions of francs, a SBB spokesperson told the sda media agency on Saturday. It remains unclear why the ICE train derailed. A team of independent Swiss investigators (SUST) are carrying out a full investigation into the accident.

Witnesses sought after robbery at Morgartenring

The police are looking for witnesses after a 34-year-old man was robbed at Morgartenring near the Rigistrasse bus stop in the early hours of Sunday morning. He suffered minor injures in the attack.

Current investigations by the criminal police of the public prosecution reveal that the 34-year-old man had boarded a bus to Rigistrasse after a work's night out. After leaving the bus at Rigistrasse he went into a nearby park with two people who have not been identified. The man was then was then punched in the face and robbed of several hundred francs. The attackers then fled in an unknown direction. The heavily inebriated victim called the police, but an immediate search for the two men remained unsuccessful.

The police are looking for:

Two men aged around 25 years old who spoke Italian and Spanish. Further information about the attackers or the situation could not be provided.

Anyone who can provide relevant information is requested to get in touch with the criminal police of the public prosecution of Basel-Stadt on the phone number 061 267 71 11 or by going to the nearest police station.