Drummeli 2017, photo: barfi.ch
Drummeli 2017, photo: barfi.ch
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Local News Summary of January, 3rd

  • Alessio, Laurin, and Henry are the first Basler newborns of 2018
  • The pre-Fasnacht events 2018 are about to start

Alessio, Laurin, and Henry are the first Basler newborns of 2018

The first baby be born in the region in 2018 was Alessio, born at Baselland cantonal hospital at 8.48am on 1st January. A second baby, Laurin, was born at Bethesda hospital weighing 3.55kg, at 1pm. And at the university hospital in Basel, Henry Emil saw the light of the day at 6.31pm.

«I actually expected that he (Alessio) would be born around Christmas and New Year but he waited till 2018,» his father, Marco Tonazzi, told barfi.ch. His wife was rushed into the cantonal hospital of Baselland on New Year’s Eve after the amniotic sac had burst. And on 1st January at 8.48am, Alessio was born.

The pre-Fasnacht events 2018 are about to start

This year’s Morgestraich will take place on 19th February. Last year it was on 6th March, and next year it will be on 11th March. The early Fasnacht means that the pre-Fasnacht events start this week. Here are the most important dates:

Sales of this year's badge officially start on 6th January just in time for the start of the first pre-Fasnacht event: The Pfyfferli will take place in the Theater Fauteuil on Spalenberg on Friday. This gem of pre-Fasnacht events, put on by the Rasser family, will start on 8th January and the last show will be on the night before Morgestraich.

On 6th January, the Theater Arlecchino at Walkeweg 122 launches its Fasnachtsbändeli production, which this year is entitled «Welcome on Board» for the younger Fasnacht fans.

The next openings will also take place in small theatres. On 10th January, two events will take place in Kleinbasel: The Mimösli in the Häbse Theater with the topic «Wild West Basel», and the Ridicule which departs from the Badischer Bahnhof and heads towards the Fasnacht.

From 11th to 13th January, the best musicians in Basel will compete in the best Fasnachts musician awards. The offizielles Basler Brysdrummlen und -pfyffe will be organised by the Schnoggekerzli, Gundeli, Rätz-Clique, and Sans-Gène clubs.

On 18th January, Almi & Salvi present their Fasnachtskiechli at Scala Basel.

On Saturday, 20th January, not only Vogel Gryff under the presidency of the Ehrengesellschaft zur Häre will take place, but also the opening of the large-scale Fasnachts event; the Glaibasler Charivari.

One week later, the youngsters of the house start the Kinder-Charivari 2018 on the small stage of Theater Basel. In the meantime, on 25th January, the crazy Fasnachts-box RämPläm opens in the Tabourettli. After that it's time for the mother of all pre-Fasnacht events, the Drummeli, also called «Monstre», starting on 3rd February at Musical-Theater.

A very special event starts on 7th February in the Basler Marionettentheater: In the Källerstraich puppets on strings will play the pipes and drums, and tell Schnitzelbängg.

And the very last show before the Morgestraich is organised by the young, cheeky group of E Bsuech im Fasnachtshuus which opens on 8 February in the Rock'n'Roll pub L'Unique at Gerbergässlein.