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Local News Summary of January, 9th

  • Inflation rises in Basel to 1.2 per cent
  • Roche works on digital diagnosis together with GE
  • Major cannabis farm discovered

Inflation rises in Basel to 1.2 per cent

The inflation rate in Basel in the last month of 2017 rose stronger than it did at national level, according to statistics released yesterday. The rise to 1.2 per cent represented the largest rise in almost eight years. Countrywide, the inflation rate rose to 0.8 per cent in December.

The last time the inflation rate in Basel was so high was in May 2010, according to figures released on Monday by the Statistics Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Compared to the previous month, the level of prices in Basel remained stable in sum, with different developments in different sectors.

The Basel Index of Consumer pricing remained stable in December at 101.3 points. The Swiss Land Index meanwhile remained stuck at 100.8 points. The figure shows that the average inflation rate in Switzerland throughout 2017 was 0.5 per cent.

Roche works on digital diagnosis together with GE

The Basel pharmaceutical company Roche and the Industrial firm GE have together developed a software which could be used by doctors in the treatment of cancer patients.

It is hoped that the software will make decision-making faster, more precise, and more accurate. Through this, earlier diagnosis and individual treatment is possible, according to a statement issued on Monday.

The digital platform appears to be unique in the field. It is expected that the software will integrate and analyse diverse data, as well as medical records, successful practices in medicine (Best Practice), latest research, and real-time monitoring. Initially, the partnership will concentrate on speeding up and improving the software with regards to the treatment in the oncology and intensive medicine branches.

Bank analysts welcome the partnership. Michael Nawrath, a ZKB analyst, sees the partnership as forward-thinking. "What will emerge are never-seen before and unimaginable improvements in patient care from the diagnosis right through to individual therapy within a foreseeable period of time," Mr Nawrath wrote in a market commentary.

Investors are less optimistic. The rates of Roche participation shares have hardly changed. At 11am yesterday, they increased slightly at the same strength as the market, at 0.04 per cent.

Major cannabis farm discovered

The police of Baselland on Saturday discovered a professionally-run cannabis farm by chance following a motorway traffic check. All the drugs have been seized.

The discovery was made after officers pulled over a lorry while carrying out a traffic inspection on the A2 motorway on the weekend. As they approached the vehicle, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis. During a search of the truck the officers found numerous amounts of THC-marijuana seedlings. The driver and passenger were taken into temporary custody.

Following further investigations, it is alleged that one of the two men was running a major cannabis farm at his place of residence. All the drugs were confiscated.

The Public Prosecution of Baselland have opened criminal proceedings against the pair. Further information was not available due to data protection.