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Local News Summary of July, 12th

  • Alleged arsonist caught thanks to German-Swiss police cooperation
  • Thieves injure man at Feldbergstrasse
  • Vaccinations before going on holiday

Alleged arsonist caught thanks to German-Swiss police cooperation

An alleged arsonist could be arrested on Tuesday night thanks to «exemplary» cooperation between the cantonal police of Basel-Stadt, the police from Weil am Rhein, and members of the public.

Witnesses called the police before 7pm to tell them they saw a man setting fire to grassland in Weil-Otterbach before running away.

Police and fire fighters who appeared at the scene near Nonnholzstrasse, saw that an area of about 10 square metres was burning. The fire fighters quickly extinguished the fire while witnesses described to the police where the suspect had fled. Officers from Weil followed the trail onto Swiss territory and found the suspect. They kept him under watch until colleagues from the cantonal police of Basel-Stadt reached the scene and arrested him. The 33-year-old man is now under investigation for arson.

Thieves injure man at Feldbergstrasse

A 51-year-old man was robbed and injured under the exhibition underpass at Riehenring on Tuesday night.

According to early police investigations, the man was in the underpass at Feldbergstrasse/Schönaustrasse and was heading towards the Badischer Bahnhof at around 8.50pm when he was approached by two men who offered him drugs. 

When the man declined, he was suddenly hit on the head which caused him to fall to the ground. The two men stole his wallet and watch before running off towards the Badischer Bahnhof. The victim reported the crime at the Clara police station. An immediate manhunt was unsuccessful. The police are looking for:

1. Male, around 35 years old, 175cm tall, with black skin, well-groomed appearance, an upright posture, and a confident manner. He spoke broken Swiss German and wore a denim shirt, trainers and white corduroy trousers as well as several necklaces.

2. Male, between 35-40 years old, around 180cm tall, slim and with black skin, mid-length curly hair, well-groomed appearance, upright posture, and a confident manner. He also spoke broken Swiss German. He was wearing jeans and a light shirt as well as necklaces.

Anyone with information about these two suspects is asked to contact the criminal police of the prosecution on the telephone number 061 267 71 11 or go to their nearest police station. 

Vaccinations before going on holiday

Just when the most beautiful months in the region arrive, many Baslers go on holiday. A trip can bear health risks, however, especially in the tropics. Vaccinations are necessary and need to be given within good time.

Baslers suffer from travel fever. During the summer holidays, many visit even warmer places in the south. Tropical and subtropical countries, however, are dangerous concerning diseases.

Vaccinations help to avoid unpleasant surprises and allow people to enjoy their holidays abroad. This is not new, but recently, this insight has been neglected. Be honest: Where can you find your vaccination book right now? It is recommended to bring this book to your GP to make sure that your vaccinations are still valid and to find out whether they must be made urgently or need a booster.

While already on holiday, the risk of infection can be reduced by simple cautiousness. Even if you know these simple rules by heart and do not want to hear them any more, it is very important even in luxury resorts: Wash your hands regularly, drink mineral water only from sealed bottles, do not use ice cubes, eat only cooked meals or nuts, and do not eat any kind of lettuce.

It is also important to be informed about the country you want to go to and the health situation there before going. Further information can be found on the websites www.safetravel.ch or the vaccination and travel information of the world-renowned Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institutein Basel.

No problem? Well, there is one: You should arrange an information appointment 6-8 weeks before travelling since some vaccinations need to be repeated.

Which vaccinations are still necessary today?

Regardless of the destination, basic vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and hepatitis B must correspond to the actual recommendations or have to be followed up.

Whether further vaccinations are necessary depends on different factors. For example, it makes a difference whether you visit Barcelona or go for an expedition in the Amazon. Also duration of the trip and the travel style must be considered since a trekking trip through Vietnam requires more care than a city trip to the Vatican.

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended to all travellers to the Amazonas region, central Americas or sub-Saharan countries. Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for risky countries e.g. in central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia. The Hepatitis A virus, which causes life-threatening liver diseases, is everywhere in the entire world but mostly where the sanitary conditions are bad and drinking water gets imperfectly examined. Dirty drinking water or affected food can also lead to a typhus infection.

There is still no vaccination against a disease in many tropical and subtropical countries: Malaria. Therefore, medication is essential in areas of high risk. Depending on the medication it has to be taken regularly for a defined amount of time to secure its effectiveness. Unpleasant side effects, i.e. diarrhoea, are common but not really dangerous.

Not just countries far away from Europe need vaccinations. In countries such as Turkey, Croatia, and Albania, Hepatitis A is also widespread. And those staying in Switzerland or visiting forests in central Europe should protect themselves against FSME which can cause meningitis and is carried by ticks. There are still a few days remaining of Wimbledon. Those who want to be completely safe should stay at home, buy a fan, and put the TV on. Netflix brings to most beautiful destinations of the world to your couch. You will not need malaria tablets. And in case of diarrhoea, the toilet is never far away.