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Local News Summary of July, 13th

  • easyJet offers connection to La Palma this winter at EuroAirport
  • Ivan Rakitic from Möhlin plays for Croatia in the World Cup final
  • New tenant for Atlantis restaurant: our old favourite will rise to glory again

easyJet offers connection to La Palma this winter at EuroAirport

easyJet yesterday announced that it will expand its flight schedule from Basel with an additional destination: La Palma (Canary Islands).

This will give sun seekers a chance to escape the cold as it is generally 20 degrees Celsius in Palma during winter. As of 30October, the budget airline will fly to the destination on Tuesdays and Saturdays of every week.

La Palma is the 66th easyJet route from Basel and the fifth Canary Island served by easyJet together with Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and Tenerife. At the same time, the one-thousandth easyJet route is launched in Europe with the new Bordeaux-Manchester route.

Ivan Rakitic from Möhlin plays for Croatia in the World Cup final

Ivan Rakitic is in the World Cup final, playing for Croatia. The day before the game against England, however, the Barça star, from Möhlin, was still in bed with a fever.

The story of the best Balkan team by far is good in any case, but what Rakitic achieved in the aftermath of the third extra time within the Croatian knock-out phase has been particularly highlighted. The crucial player was in bed with a fever before the most important game of his career.

«I was afraid it wouldn't be enough», said the 30-year-old in the first TV interview after the biggest coup in Croatian football history. But he and his colleagues were then carried away by the euphoria. The former Basler added. «I hope it will be like that again in the final against France.»

It is clear how much the final participation is worth to the protagonists when reading this concise statement by Rakitic: «We would exchange all our Champions League trophies for a World Cup title.» The former Swiss U21-International glowed with pride and exhaustion.

He will probably receive hundreds of SMS congratulations from his home country and former colleagues from Möhlin and the surrounding area if Croatia win against France on Sunday, Rakitic suspects. «I think my phone is going to burn with messages.» It can be felt: Rakitic is already dreaming of a result «for eternity». 

New tenant for Atlantis restaurant: our old favourite will rise to glory again

The restaurant Atlantis Basel at Klosterberg has a new tenant. As of 1 September, the company «Parterre Basel» will be responsible for culture and gastronomy at the «-tis» and wants to restore the restaurant to its former glory in Basel and far beyond.

«We are delighted and honoured», Diane Hürlimann, chairwoman of the board of Parterre Basel, told barfi.ch

It all happened very quickly. At the beginning of June, the company applied to become a tenant and today, less than a fortnight later, it received the contract. Of the 29 applicants, eleven were examined in more detail, five of which made it into the final round. Therefore, it is no wonder that Diane Hürlimann is delighted to be given the contract. «We are predestined for an offer in culture and gastronomy as it is fit for the –tis.» Their restaurant experience at Kaserne is a good indicator.

Past glory

A year ago, the former proprietor David Andreetti announced that the «-tis» should reconsider its history. It has been a music restaurant again since September 2016. In its seventy years of existence, the Atlantis has been on the verge of ruin and was declared dead more than once. Now, the new tenants have to find their way back to former greatness, just in time for the restaurant’s 71st birthday. «It is a challenge», Diane Hürlimann said. «But it is one we are only too happy to tackle.»

Restaurant logo remains the same

One of the tasks now is to bring the people back to the «-tis» – both those who still know it from the past and those who want to discover a new place in Basel. «The Atlantis must once again become a hot spot in Basel», the Parterre chairwoman said. The new tenants want to achieve this feat with a unique atmosphere created by a mix of music, culture, and gastronomy. «The style of music will include blues and rock, the food will be as varied as ever, and impressions from all over the world will be reproduced», Diane Hürlimann said. Of course, the legendary logo with crocodile Hector that bites its tail is not going to be changed.

«Me goht ins -tis»

The cultural reopening is on 28 September with concerts and events. A simple menu is planned. During the autumn holidays, the «-tis» will be brought up to speed and as of 15 October, there will be new gastronomic offers for the upcoming concerts, including Atlantis Lunch, à la carte dinner, finger food and bar snacks. The beginning of 2019 will launch the new full operation of the Atlantis with an expanded offer of cultural and concert events. This cultural programme will be the heart of the Atlantis. Ranging from Basel artists and Swiss musicians to international acts, the crème de la crème will once again play in the «-tis»: «Me goht wiidr ins -tis» (People go to the «-tis» again), the most famous concert venue in Switzerland for generations.