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Local News Summary of July, 16th

  • “It was the close game I expected”
  • Swimming pool in Dornach opened again with free entry on Saturday
  • Big damage after house fire in Bärschwil

“It was the close game I expected”

Roger Federer has given an interview about his win against Tomas Berdych in the Wimbledon semi-final and revealed his thoughts on the final today (Sunday) against Marin Cilic.
Although you still haven't lost a set, was the game against Berdych so far the hardest game in this tournament?
“I think so, yes. It was the close game I had expected. I played well when necessary and I never panicked - this is very important in decisive phases. I played well in the tie-breaks. I am happy I won the 'Big Points'.”
It is your eleventh Wimbledon-final. No other player has ever achieved this so far in a major tournament. You could become record winner. What do record achievements mean to you?
“To make history in Wimbledon makes me happy. I love this tournament because all of my dreams as a player have come true here. It is a fantastic feeling that I once again have the chance to win the eighth title, yet this is not a guarantee for the title. But I came here for this. I am close but must remain focused and hope to play another good game.”
It has been some time since 2012 when you won your last title at Wimbledon. Will this have an influence on your final game on Sunday?
“I feel that I am ready. It doesn't feel as if the last title was so long ago. I have played many good games here and in 2014 and 2015 I played very well. I am happy to have reached this level again. The years 2013 and 2016 were exceptional due to my injuries.”
Was the way Marin Cilic played when he beat you in the semi-final at the US Open 2014 the best performance of one of your adversaries ever?
“That's hard to say. If I said yes this would slightly diminish all the other great performances. Still it was a very impressive performance by him, especially at that stage in the tournament. He served and returned the way he wanted and did a fantastic job. I only had, as far as I remember, a tiny chance in the third set.”
You have played dozens of games on the Centre Court, and the Royal Box is always full of famous people. Do you realise who is sitting there?
“At times I try to blot it out, on the other hand it is cool to see who is around. It has always been a special moment when Pete Sampras or Björn Borg attended. When I knew that they are here this has always meant a lot to me since I have always admired them. Also Rod Laver's and Ken Rosewall's attendance is fantastic. Or the Royal family when they honour the tournament with their presence.”
In the first part of the season you won three important titles. How surprised were you by this?
“I was totally surprised that I won in Melbourne, Indian Wells, and Miami. I had hoped to be in good form when the grass-season starts. This was the goal one year ago after I lost here in the semi-finals. Winning the Australian Open especially was an enormous surprise. The first three, four months of the year were like a dream.”
Did things change at Wimbledon before the final compared to in 2003 when you won here for the first time?
“I can't remember exactly how it was in 2003. My team was a lot smaller though. I didn't have children who woke me up at night. However I will continue doing what I have been doing over the last 14 days. I will try to relax completely and sleep well, so I am full of energy and have the mental resources to play inspiring and creatively.”

Swimming pool in Dornach opened again with free entry on Saturday

During heat waves, the Swimming pool in Dornach has always remained closed. The neighbours prepared for a run by bathing guests. But from yesterday onwards the swimming pool re-opened – and celebrated with free entry.
The smell of chlorinated water, ice cream, and sun cream are part of every swimming pool and also the summer holidays. This season some outdoor swimming pools are closed in the region (see corresponding report on Villagers in Dornach had to live without their swimming pool, named “Glungge” (puddle), in the last weeks as the pool underwent
renovation and expansion. The race to open swimming pools in the region was big at the start of the season. The pool in Arlesheim had to be ready to join the race, since Dornach was closed and the one in Reinach was under renovation.
But the worries were unnecessary: “We haven't had any problems since then,” said Jörg Schuhmacher, spokesman for the outdoor swimming pool in Arlesheim. Although there were more people from other communities, the fear that up to 1000 visitors would turn up didn't happen: “We are very happy and report the normal number of guests.” Yesterday the swimming pool in Dornach opened its doors at 10am following the completion of the construction works.
“You are welcome to visit the new pool – the entry on this Saturday is free,” wrote the local administration. And finally the kids can test out the slide in the new kids' pool.

Big damage after house fire in Bärschwil

A semi-detached house in Bärschwil, Solothurn, has been severely damaged in a fire which happened early on Saturday morning. Nobody was injured.
A neighbour alarmed the fire brigade shortly after 6am after he discovered the fire in the semi-detached house. By the time the fire fighters arrived, the attic and the wooden expansion of the house were fully ablaze, the cantonal police of Solothurn said. Around 30 fire fighters managed to extinguish the flames. However, the damage has been estimated at several hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs. The cause of the fire remained unclear and is under police investigation.