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Local News Summary of July, 20th

  • Child porn investigation in Belgium leads police to suspects in Lörrach area
  • Continuing growth of population in Basel-Stadt
  • Grand Basel: fairs only for stuffed wallets?

Child porn investigation in Belgium leads police to suspects in Lörrach area

Detectives in Lörrach have identified more than 20 people suspected of sharing child pornography following an investigation by the Belgian police.

An analysis of the internet chat functions used by a Belgian suspect led the police to the Lörrach district, in particular to the home of a 43-year-old man. The man’s flat was searched under a court warrant and a «comprehensive body of evidence» was found. The man has been sentenced to several months in prison, to be served on probation, for possession of child pornographic material.

During the investigation, the man admitted having paedophile tendencies and said he had shared incriminated material over the Internet with other like-minded people. He said he had first encountered these people on an erotic website. Comprehensive Internet investigations by the criminal police in Lörrach identified eleven further suspects in Germany. The prosecution department in Lörrach has begun a criminal prosecution against these people. Their investigations unearthed further evidence against twelve further users in other countries. The Federal Criminal Police Office has handed over the prosecution evidence to the authorities in these countries.

Continuing growth of population in Basel-Stadt

The population of Basel is expected to grow to almost 220,000 inhabitants by 2040, according to latest statistics.

According to current projections, the medial population growth of the canton of Basel-Stadt over the last few years, is expected to continue over the next few years.

It is expected that 219,000 inhabitants will be living in Basel by 2040. At the same time, the amount of people over 65 will outnumber those of working age. Due to rising birth rate, the number of children and youngsters will also rise.

In accordance with cantonal population planning, three scenarios have been put together to cover the possible future development of the population. The medial scenario, which used population growth in previous years to predict the future, is being used as the reference scenario as it appears to be the most suitable for the cantonal planning department from today's point of view.

Grand Basel: fairs only for stuffed wallets?

The times when «tout Bâle» flocked to the fair to see the newest washing machines are long gone. New concepts had to be found since Joe Public is no longer the target group. Now, a brand new fair is set to take place in Basel in September.

The first Grand Basel has been branded as a «car fair for the world». Despite the fact that our city's name is the title. «It has never been the idea to have this fair only in Basel or at a singular site. One of the main traits of Grand Basel is its global presence and the possibility to explore car culture internationally», the organisers said. Next February, the car fair will take place in Miami, and May 2019 it will moce to Hong Kong.

Not an actual vintage car fair, but visitors look old after paying the entry fee

Just like Art Basel, Grand Basel is expected to establish itself as the top fair for traders and representatives in the industry. «Grand Basel is partially a trading platform, just like Art Basel», said the media spokesperson. Visitors who just want to have a look are also welcome: «Public open days are there for the car enthusiasts. Of course collectors of classic cars are an important target group.»

It is not clear yet what visitors can expect from the new car fair. However, it is definitely not a vintage car fair: «Grand Basel is not focussing on vintage cars.» The organisers want to go their own way. In marketing language, the event is described as follows: «Old car masterpieces are mixed with representative cars from the present and the future to a mélange of high quality and desire.» Oh là là.

In order to present the «mélange of high quality and desire» appropriately, Messe Schweiz spared no expense: According to the trailer, successful English actor Idris Elba is the star guest. Visitors however cannot hope for cheap entry tickets: At 45 francs per day, Grand Basel is more expansive than established car fairs. The Geneva Motor Show costs only 16 francs a day. And the chances to see a vehicle which is also affordable are much higher.

Not Basel-like?

One-hundred cars will be exhibited at Grand Basel. The cars will be the highlights but not the only eye-catchers. In marketing language: «It will be an innovation that all exhibits will be selected by an independent board of trustees in the context of architecture, design, art, and culture.» Translation: The exhibitors don't just focus on the car but also on the set-up.

Basel will have a new fair or at least something fair-like. The organisers were unable to confirm to if it will take place annually. The only answer available by the organisers was: «Grand Basel is a show which is true to its content but nevertheless agile».