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Local News Summary of July, 3rd

  • Basel students do not have to pay more tuition fees for university
  • Construction works for tramline 6 renewal in Allschwil
  • Border crossing Grenzach-Riehen closed from 2nd to 8th July
  • Pratteln drive-in cinema to open again this weekend

Basel students do not have to pay more tuition fees for university

Students at the University of Basel will not have to pay higher tuition fees. The university has decided not to increase them. Considering the numerous competing education possibilities in Basel and abroad, it does not consider another increase of the fees to be appropriate at the moment.

Reviewing the overall budget for the performance period of 2018-2021, the University of Basel was considering a general increase in tuition fees. However, following detailed clarifications and in-depth discussions, the University Council has decided to continue with the current tuition fees.

Basel last raised its university tuition fees in 2014 and therefore still ranks first in Switzerland. Another increase is therefore «not appropriate» for the University Council at present, it announced on Monday.

For the University of Basel, it is important to be able to offer students from Switzerland and abroad an attractive and competitive education in the future, the communiqué continued.

The student corporation of the University of Basel (skuba) was «very pleased» with the decision. This decision ensures an appropriate fee level judging from the overall average of Swiss universities. An increase of the fees, on the other hand, would have represented a heavy burden for students.

Construction works for tramline 6 renewal in Allschwil

The construction works on Baslerstrasse in Allschwil are progressing nicely. With the beginning of the summer holidays, the intense construction phase between Baselmattweg and Bettenstrasse started on 2nd July. During this ten-week phase, the entire tramway will be renewed in this section of Allschwil.

By 7th September 2018, the tracks will have been dismantled and constructed entirely anew. The tram stop «Ziegelei» will undergo changes to provide adequate access for disabled passengers, and the overhead line and lighting system will be replaced as well. Furthermore, the «Ziegelei» traffic junction will be converted into a roundabout. Increased noise and dust emissions are expected during this period.

Traffic will only pass through the construction site in the direction of Basel-Stadt. Therefore, the construction works are to be finished as quickly as possible, the construction department of Basellandschaft announced. Traffic in the direction of Allschwil-Dorf is diverted from Maiengasse through the adjacent town quarter.

There are also restrictions for public transport since no trams can travel to Allschwil during the ten-week intense construction phase. For the duration of no tram service, replacement buses will take over between Morgartenring and Allschwil Dorf. Passengers need to exit the tram 6 at the stop «Morgartenring» and switch to a bus there.

Border crossing Grenzach-Riehen closed from 2nd to 8th July

The customs office at Grenzacher Horn will be closed for all traffic from 2nd  to 8th July due to an installation of special pavement.

A new roof for the customs office is scheduled for the end of September 2018. The border crossing will then probably remain closed for another weekend.

Pratteln drive-in cinema to open again this weekend

This coming weekend, the time has arrived again: the drive-in cinema Pratteln with «Car Hop» will enter its 9th round – with a programme full of cult midnight movies and film classics.

Quentin Tarantino's «Django Unchained», «Pretty Woman», and «Saw» will mark the start – these films are then followed by three more weekends of what is probably Switzerland's most unique drive-in cinema. The venue includes a 25m-screen, a London bus for pedestrians and motorcyclists as well as a scooter girl and a popcorn boy providing food and drink directly to your car.

Films shown:

Friday, 6th July 2018: 00:25 «Django Unchained» (in German)

Saturday, 7th July 2018: 22:10 «Pretty Woman» (in German) and 00:25 «Saw» (English with German subtitles)

Friday, 13th July 2018: 22:00 «Mrs. Doubtfire» (in German) and 00:20 «Wild Things» (English with German subtitles)

Saturday, 14th July 2018: 22:00 «The Graduate» (in German) and 23:55 «The Hard» (English with German subtitles)

Friday, 20th July 2018: 22:00 «Cry-Baby» (in German) and 23:50 «A Clockwork Orange» (English with German subtitles)

Saturday, 21st July 2018: 22:00 «Rocky» (in German) and 00:15 «The Transporter» (English with German subtitles)

Friday, 27th July 2018: 21:50 «Jurassic Park» (in German) + 00:15 «Smokey and the Bandit» (English with German subtitles)

Saturday, 28th July 2018: 23:45 «The 40 Year Old Virgin» (English with German subtitles)

This year, hungry Pratteln drive-in cinema visitors will be spoiled by the popular local burger matadors «Meat & Greet». A new ordering system will be used – a self-constructed design with three LEDs for even more convenience and direct car service. In addition, the London bus with panorama seating is back on site as well. No car, no problem: pedestrians and motorcyclists can enjoy their favourite films in a vintage bus from 1960. A bar on the lower deck provides drinks and popcorn.

The Pratteln cinema drive-in offers visitors a trip back to the past – into a world where you could still watch the films on the big screen. Film fans, car lovers, and nostalgics are therefore all invited to enjoy the finest entertainment in an unforgettable setting. In addition to the film classics, there are culinary delicacies from the 1950s: Cheeseburgers and milkshakes! Roller-skate girls and popcorn boys serve the guests directly at their cars. The film sound runs exclusively on VHF/FM.

Tickets are available in advance at www.starticket.ch and www.cinema-drive-in.ch or directly at the box office.