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Local News Summary of July, 6th

  • Basel-Stadt and Swiss Rhine Ports plan future of Basel shipping industry
  • Plans for expansion of EuroAirport
  • Varied weather for the weekend



Basel-Stadt and Swiss Rhine Ports plan future of Basel shipping industry

The canton of Basel-Stadt and the Swiss Rhine Ports (SRH) are working together for the modernisation of port infrastructure and for urban development.

The partners have agreed to a tri-modal expansion of the planned «Gateway Basel Nord» terminal with a new direct ship connection (port basin 3) and to an optimisation of the spatial location of the port railway. The current functionality and profitability for the port companies and SRH will be maintained and secured for the long term. This gives the port industry certainty for its investment plans. The agreement has been reached in anticipation of the upcoming political steps regarding the district plan, the construction of harbour basin 3, port and urban development, and tri-national planning.

The canton of Basel-Stadt and the Swiss Rhine Ports want to modernise the city’s port infrastructures – and thus secure the future of Basel’s shipping industry. They also want to enable urban development with a focus on water. In order to achieve this, the two partners are planning and supporting a tri-modal terminal «Gateway Basel Nord» on the area of the Badischer Rangierbahnhof with a new port basin 3 and an optimisation of the spatial location of the port railway. According to the partners, these projects should not impair the current functionality and economic efficiency for the port companies and SRH. With the signing of a basic agreement a few days ago, the two partners have laid the foundation for making the port prepared for the future.

The main port area on the east, south, and north quays as well as port basins 1 and 2 with their associated water areas and infrastructures will remain at the current location in the long term and can still be reached by rail. The partners plan to modernise the port railway.

The urban development areas will be gradually reused and transformed. They consist of the Klybeckquai, the Westquai-Insel and the border triangle including the bridgehead at the turning basin. Urban development will be adapted to the location and operation of the port.

The agreement was concluded in particular due to upcoming approvals of further expenses, which are currently in preparation: This includes plans on an investment contribution to the Swiss Rhine Ports for the construction of port basin 3 and the modernisation of the port railway as well as the planning of urban development.

Plans for expansion of EuroAirport

The passenger terminal at Basel’s EuroAirport will be expanded. As announced at the annual general assembly, the expansion should enable the airport to handle a passenger volume of twelve million people per year by 2025 or 2030.

This year's passenger growth at the Basel-Mulhouse Airport is estimated at five to seven per cent. Plans for the future of the airport were presented at the general assembly.

Werner Parini, head of the passenger terminal department at EuroAirport, speaks of an airport capacity limit, as 8,3 to 8,5 million passengers visit EuroAirport every year.

The expansion of the passenger terminal is going to take place in two stages: First, the capacity is to be increased from 8,5 million to twelve million passengers by 2025. In a second step, the capacity will be expanded by another three million by 2030.

Varied weather for the weekend

July started with phenomenal weather, but a bit of cooling down in the next days is a good thing both for us and for nature.


With a maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, it should remain cloudy all day on Friday. Rain showers and thunderstorms are expected by noon.


On Saturday, you should also not leave your umbrella at home: With temperatures up to 28 degrees, it is mostly cloudy, but a few showers should be expected.


Sunday should stay dry, and with a maximum temperature of 29 degrees, a nice summer day can be expected.