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Local News Summary of July, 9th

  • Basel's first WC app: Where do you go when you urgently need to go?
  • Two men injured in Schützenmattpark – police seek witnesses
  • Jumping into the Rhine from a bridge is strictly forbidden in Basel


Basel's first WC app: Where do you go when you urgently need to go?

Everyone has been in this situation: you are out and about and suddenly feel the urge to go to the toilet. But where can you find the nearest one? A new app which has this week become available claims to be able to answer this question quickly at all times.

The «WCi™» app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play and provides an overview of where the user can find the nearest toilets. These include public facilities provided by the city, as well as and toilets in restaurants and cafés. The app is similar to the nice toilet scheme, which allows restaurant and other business owners to allow the general public to use their toilets. However, the prices and opening hours are still defined by the business owners themselves.

A helping hand for large and small needs

In addition to directions to the nearest toilet, there is also information and a ratings system for each facility. You can see in advance whether the toilet meets your own requirements (such as access for the disabled). Users' feedback enables owners to respond to comments and adapt their toilets to different people’s needs.

For a good cause

Half of the revenue from the app will be donated for the construction of new toilets in developing countries and poverty-stricken regions. Approximately 2,4 billion people in the world have no access to proper toilets.

More information about the new «WCi™» app can be found here

Two men injured in Schützenmattpark – police seek witnesses

The police are looking for witnesses after two men were attacked by a group of stranger near the Schützenmattpark in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The victims, aged 29 and 41, were seriously injured in the attack, which happened at around 2am as the men slept in the park.

The police say a taxi driver was passing the Schützenmattpark near to the Schützenhaus tram stop when he noticed two men coming out of the park. One of them stepped onto the road and stopped the taxi. The driver noticed that they were both bleeding heavily and immediately called the police.

A crew of paramedics from Basel-Stadt’s rescue services and an emergency doctor arrived a short time later. The two men were subsequently taken to the emergency unit at the University Hospital. An immediate search for suspects remained unsuccessful.

Further investigations revealed that the 29-year-old and 41-year-old had stayed in the Schützenmattpark overnight and had been attacked by unknown weapons.

The exact course of events and the reason for the attack have not yet been clarified and are subject to investigation. Anyone who can provide relevant information is asked to get in touch with the criminal police of Basel-Stadt’s public prosecution on phone number 061 267 71 11 or at the nearest police station. 

Jumping into the Rhine from a bridge is strictly forbidden in Basel

Time and time again, a small number of Rhine swimmers dare to jump into the river from the bridges in the middle of Basel. This activity is not only dangerous, but it is also strictly forbidden and carries a fine. The Mittlere Brücke is particularly popular, as well as the St Johannsbrücke.


This seemingly fun decision can end in disaster, especially at the bridge pillars, where water turbulence frequently occurs. The resulting currents, together with the suction, make it particularly dangerous for swimmers and people who jump from the bridges alike. Such a jump into the Rhine is not only dangerous for the adventurous jumper, but also for the Rhine swimmers already in the water below. «Anyone who jumps off Basel's bridges can hurt themselves and others», Topraz Yerguz, media spokesman for the Department of Justice and Security of Basel-Stadt, said. It is particularly dangerous if there are swimmers or divers in the water, who could be hit by people jumping from the bridges.

…and fines

Furthermore, jumping into the Rhine is not only dangerous – it is clearly forbidden. The «Police regulations concerning swimming in the public waters of the canton of Basel-Stadt» forbid people to jump off bridges. «Whoever commits such an offence risks a fine of 100 Swiss francs», Topraz Yerguz states. However, only those who are caught in the act can effectively be fined.

The daring actions of Rhine jumpers are not only a danger for themselves, but also for others. Therefore, it is best if everyone refrains from jumping off the bridges – despite the adrenaline kick.