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Local News Summary of June, 10th

  • Herzog & de Meuron conquer the music world with Kanye West
  • Grill the Basler: Championship in Münchenstein
  • Thunderstorms caused numerous emergency operations in Baselland

Herzog & de Meuron conquer the music world with Kanye West

What do Herzog & de Meuron have in common with Kanye West? More than you might expect: The American musician mentions the Basel architects in his latest track «Kids See Ghosts». The new hip-hop superduo «Kids See Ghosts», featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi, released their album of the same name on Friday. And us here in Basel don't miss out: In the title song «Kids See Ghosts», Kanye raps about our world famous architects, Herzog & de Meuron.

But how did this glorious reference come about? In 2013, Kanye West performed at the Design Miami/Basel Fair in Basel. The exhibition building of Herzog & de Meuron must have left such an impression on him that he incorporated the internationally renowned architectural office into his song text.

Grill the Basler: Championship in Münchenstein

The ninth BBQ Single Masters 2018 preliminaries took place on Saturday at 11am in the garden city of Münchenstein (at the Coop).

The BBQ Single Masters are the biggest barbecue spectacle in Switzerland. Over a total of 14 pre-selection days in twelve different cantons, the best Swiss grill chefs will compete to secure one of the coveted starting places on the big final day as the winners of their qualification series. This takes place on 1st September in Wil.

All barbecue enthusiasts aged 18 or older can participate free of charge and without prior reservation. Their task is to convince the jury of experts of the Swiss Barbecue Association with a barbecue menu of meat and vegetables. The same ingredients are available to all from a colourful shopping basket with products in Bio Suisse quality. The jury assesses the creations according to taste, cooking level, and appearance.

The Swiss barbecue champion 2018 can look forward to a barbecue trip to the USA for two people (worth 7,500 Swiss francs) - including a visit to the legendary «Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue». Pehlivan Yavuz became the first winner, proudly presenting his «Siegerwurst» (winner’ssausage) on the podium. The winner of the second round is Matthias Stohler from Münchenstein with his top burger.

By the way: The current grill champion, Patrick Straub, comes from Basel!

Thunderstorms caused numerous emergency operations in Baselland

A major thunderstorm on Friday night caused flooding in the canton of Baselland and resulted in 34 fire brigade call outs.

The thunderstorm began shortly before 9pm and particularly affected the communities of Laufen, Zwingen, Brislach, Röschenz, Nenzlingen, Biel-Benken, Therwil, Ettingen, and Reinach. Dozens of homes were flooded, but nobody was hurt. The operations control centre of the Baselland police received more than 30 reports of flooded residential and business premises in connection with the thunderstorm.

The situation quickly calmed down after 11.30pm. Nobody was injured, according to current information. The total cost of the damage has not yet been estimated.

The fire fighters of the affected communities and the Muttenz base fire brigade were involved in the operation.