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Local News Summary of June, 19th

  • Four-year-old child hit and injured by car in Rheinfelden
  • New police commander wanted for Basel-Stadt: only a part-time job, according to Baschi Dürr! 

Four-year-old child hit and injured by car in Rheinfelden 

A young child was injured after being hit by a car on a pedestrian zone in Rheinfelden on Saturday.

A 56-year-old driver had left an underground car park at Zähringerstrasse and wanted to turn right to leave the pedestrian zone.

Due to the City Fest in Rheinfelden at the time of the accident, there were many pedestrians in the area. Even though the driver emerged onto Zähringerstrasse at walking speed, he did not see a child kneeling and playing on the ground nearby and the car struck him.. 

By-standers nearby were able to pull the child out from underneath the car.  The child suffered minor injuries however he was taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up.

New police commander wanted for Basel-Stadt: only a part-time job, according to Baschi Dürr! 

The job portal of the city of Basel has revealed that the Justice and Security Department is looking for a new manager of the cantonal police. The position is no less than police commander – and it is advertised as a four-day-a-week (!) to five-day-a-week job.  

The responsibilities tied to such an employment are sophisticated and varied – not only the police scandals of the recent weeks have demonstrated this. The duties are also explicitly mentioned on the requirements description of the official canton homepage: “(In this role) you would manage the cantonal police with about 1,000 employees strategically and operatively, continuously develop the organisation of the cantonal police and relegate the company processes following economic basics. You lead the security policy of the canton and are responsible for its implementation. You represent the cantonal police in the parliament and in public as well as under special and extraordinary circumstances. You also take on the position of overall responsibility for the cantonal crisis organisation and are part of the management of the Justice and Security Department.”

Baschi Dürr (head of Basel-Stadt’s justice and security) and his current business associates in the department actually seem to believe that a four-day-a-week position is enough to manage 1,000 employees. Particularly “under special and extraordinary circumstances”. Basel is looking forward to finding its superman.