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Local News Summary of March, 17th

  • Alleged drunk driver faces criminal charges 
  • Funding secured for parking near Kunstmuseum
  • Comedy, concert, and circus under the «Das Zelt» dome in Basel

Alleged drunk driver faces criminal charges

A young driver is facing charges after allegedly drinking all night before crashing his mother’s car.

The driver was travelling along Münchensteinerstrasse towards Münchenstein at around 6.40am yesterday when the car suddenly veered to the right and collided with road signs, a parked bicycle, and a scooter at Laufeneck. He then drove along the pavement before colliding with a van which was correctly parked in a blue zone. The force of the impact catapulted the van a distance of several metres, causing it to collide with another parked car.

All vehicles – the bike, scooter, van, and car – were total write-offs.

The driver had his temporary driving licence taken off him by police and a prosecution case against him has been filed.

Funding secured for parking near Kunstmuseum

Plans to build a car park at Kunstmuseum with room for 300 vehicles has entered a new stage. The authorities last week presented a list of investors and plan to give «more details» at a press conference after the canton passed plans for the Kunstmuseum tram stop and the route to the Wettsteinbrücke.

According to a press release, the authorities and government member Hans-Peter Wessels intend to provide information about these investors, the start date for the works, and the proceedings for the car park under St. Alban-Graben, at a press conference. The date of this press conference is still to be confirmed.


Comedy, concert, and circus under the «Das Zelt» dome in Basel

The biggest touring theatre in Switzerland, «Das Zelt», is coming back to Basel and will present a colourful programme including the biggest stars of Swiss comedy, atmospheric concerts, fantastic artists, and show highlights for the entire family this May.

Highlights of the comedy scene

They juggle with words, baffle with agile facial acrobatics, and don't mince their words.

From philistine Swiss to crazy Mexicans: none of the usual stereotypes are missing nor will they hold back from saying some of the harshest truths.

Comedy Club 18, starring Peter Pfändler, Rob Spence, Barbara Hutzenlaub, and Charles Nguela, is lively, modern, surprising – and simply funny. Excitement rises when two adversaries start a battle and the public decides who will enter the big final show.

In Basel, the duel will be between Hamza from Zurich, known from the TV show «Switzerland's Got Talent» and the fourth most famous Austrian, Niko Formanek.

While new talents just enter the stage, «Edelmais» ends its career under the big top. Before Sven Furrer and René Rindlisbacher end their successful work after 13 years together, the «Edelmais» comedy boat will set sail for the very last time to start a bizarre cruise with a crew of renowned old and new characters. This will provide a surprising mixture of cheeky stand-up-comedy, funny spoofs, persiflages, and bizarre satire.

The craziest comedy show will be performed by the lads from «Starbugs Comedy». Theo Hitzig and Bruno Gschwind do what was only possible with cars so far: A completely self-driving entertainment programme. They perform at several spots at the same time, read thoughts or reveal secret habits of the audience. «Oropax» also tells it all. In their show «Faden & Beigeschmack», the chaotic theatre present the most beautiful ingredients of «E-Wool–Lotion». The brothers crochet in «woolby-surround».

In his new programme, Claudio Zuccolini returns to his comedy roots and his biggest passion, stand-up-comedy: One man, one microphone. Nothing else. And why is the programme called «Why?» Because Claudio Zuccolini asks the questions many have but nobody thinks about. He is looking for answers – and finds punch lines.

Musical highlights

Besides the top-level comedy acts, «Das Zelt» provides bluesy and sensitive concerts. The Swiss blues legend Philipp Fankhauser presents his new tour in a cool and relaxed manner. The music is composed by good old manual work and his talented band. Somehow retro but also modern.

The most sensitive male voices of Switzerland are also part of the programme. Experienced pop singers, yodellers, base, and tenors come together from eight different cantons and are accompanied by the strongest feeling ever – the sense of home. «Heimweh» sings to the heart, tells stories of everyday life in a simple but emotional way, and provides the audience with nostalgic moments.

Basel goes circus

In May 2018, Basel is under the sign of the modern circus. «Young Stage», the Swiss circus festival, celebrates its 10th anniversary and depicts a completely new image of circus – modern, innovative, creative, poetic. The best young professional artists from all over the world fight for prices and recognition in six shows.

Something for young and old

Who hasn't dreamt of standing on a stage, being an artist, presenting breath-taking performances, and making the audience stand and applaud? In the «Family Circus», children can not only admire the stars on stage but get to know the best artists from around the world including Nina Burri, Lucas Fischer, Lukas & Aaron, and the DuoCharisma, and thus become a part of the circus show themselves.

The cheeky blonde boy «Michel from Lönneberga» causes a lot of mischief and brings a lot of jokes and gripping music onto the stage. But besides all the fun, he's got his heart in the right place. A musical mischievous theatre for the entire family!

«Das Zelt» will be in Basel from 11th to 27th May 2018.