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Local News Summary of May, 16th

  • Pioneering new mammography system available at Baselland cantonal hospital
  • New evidence for accidents allowed in Germany
  • Dispute between man and parrot in Lörrach

Pioneering new mammography system available at Baselland cantonal hospital

The new mammography system «Mammomat Revelation» has recently been introduced for the first time in Switzerland at the Baselland cantonal hospital (KSBL). The aim of the automatised examination system is to increase patient comfort and deliver high quality pictures of the patient’s breasts.

The system, invented by Siemens Healthineers, was introduced at the newly-converted premises of the cantonal hospital in Liestal this March. According to Dr Damien Toia, head physician at the radiology unit, the advantages of the new device are optimal contrasts in the pictures as well as details recognisable through tailored imaging using the smallest possible amount of radiation. «Thanks to the small amount of radiation and an automatically formed compression plate, patients find the examination less stressful», Regula Hurni, manager of the specialists for medical-technical radiology, said.

According to Siemens Healthineers, the development of the new system focuses on precise diagnostics, especially with regards to tissue biopsy. The highlight of the new mammography system is the possibility of x-raying the smallest tissue samples in the integrated tissue scanner during an operation. It means surgeons can quickly examine whether the correct tissue had been removed.


New evidence for accidents allowed in Germany

The federal court in Karlsruhe has yesterday ruled that videos taken using dashcams can officially be used in investigations and as evidence in court cases. However, in Switzerland this issue is still disputed under the data protection law.

Dashcams are small cameras mounted at the inside of the windscreen. Basler drivers will need to be aware when crossing the border to Germany that dashcam recordings can be used to examine how accidents happened.

The federal court ruled that the possibility that recordings would indeed violate the data protection law was a secondary issue since all people involved in an accident must report data concerning their personality, insurance, and driving licence.

If a car involved in an accident has an installed dashcam, annoying discussions about who caused the accident will be pointless. There are no more excuses.


Dispute between man and parrot in Lörrach

The police in Lörrach had to deal with an unusual incident at Siedlungsstrasse on Monday afternoon.

A resident made an emergency call to the police to report that a loud noise could be heard from the neighbouring flat and he was concerned about it. When the police arrived, they were baffled: While there was shouting in the flat, the argument was not between two people. Instead, a young man and a parrot were involved in a heated discussion. The 22-year-old man said that he got upset about his girlfriend's parrot and started arguing with it. The argument ended within a short time and since nobody was injured, the police left the scene with smiles on their faces.