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Local News Summary of May, 17th

  • Drivers go through red light 34 times in 90 minutes
  • Weil am Rhein: Drunk driver causes two car crashes
  • Raoul Petretta extends contract with FCB
  • Pentecost in the rain: Is it worth going to the South?

Drivers go through red light 34 times in 90 minutes

The Baselland police registered 34 drivers ignoring a red light signal on the A2 motorway over a 90 minute period on Tuesday.

The police control was carried out after traffic signals were put up as part of electrical maintenance work e Schweizerhalle tunnel, closing off two lanes of the motorway. Between 9pm and 10.30pm on Tuesday evening, during the setting up of the overnight construction site, a total of 34 offences for ignoring a red light in both directions were registered.

The Baselland police want to remind drivers that ignoring traffic lights can lead to an increased risk of accidents. Observing the signals provides an important and active contribution to road safety, they said.

The Baselland police intends to continue carrying out checks throughout the canton.

Weil am Rhein: Drunk driver causes two car crashes

A woman driver caused an estimated 8,000 CHF worth of damage in two road accidents while under the influence of alcohol on Tuesday night.

The first accident occurred when the 40-year-old came came off the road in a Toyota at around 9pm on the B317 motorway as she travelled from Otterbach towards Lörrach. The car drove straight into a crash barrier.

Undeterred from this crash, she continued driving, this time in the middle of the road. Shortly afterwards, her car clipped a BMW, forcing her to stop. When the police arrived a short time later they immediately noticed the driver was “considerably drunk”. An alcohol test revealed more than 1,8 per mille.

The woman had to undergo a blood test and her license was confiscated. While there was only minor damage caused to the BMW, the Toyota was considerably damaged and had to be towed away. The crash barrier was also badly damaged. The total amount of damage is estimated to be more than 8,000 Euros.

Raoul Petretta extends contract with FCB

Yesterday, Raoul Petretta and FC Basel jointly agreed on an early renewal of the player’s contract.

In February 2017, Raoul Petretta, who also plays for Italy's U21 national team, signed his first professional contract which expires in June 2020. This contract has now been extended until 2022.

In the current season, Petretta has played in 21 championship matches for FC Basel and also played in five matches in the UEFA Champions League.

Pentecost in the rain: Is it worth going to the South?

Anyone who is currently out and about in Basel is more likely to think of a fireplace and warm bowl of soup rather than putting on their swimming trunks and heading for a walk along the Rhine. It is therefore no surprise, that the desire arises to travel to the south for Pentecost to get some sun. Unfortunately however things do not look any better there for the weekend either.

As so often happens before a long weekend, the question arises: Am I hoping for sunshine in the long traffic jam in front of the Gotthard tunnel or do I spend the days at somewhat lower temperatures in beautiful Basel? On this Pentecost weekend, however, you can't just drive away from the rain, because the weather isn't going to be much better in Italy either.

Rainy Pentecost

In Basel as well as in northern Italy and Tuscany, Saturday will be the most beautiful day of this Pentecost weekend with a few clouds but no rain. For all the scouts, it is therefore a good idea to pack the rain hat for the camp.

On Sunday, however, thick clouds will appear and let loose continuous showers until Tuesday. This applies both to Basel and to the other side of the Gotthard Pass.

Looking at the current forecasts, the temperatures in Italy seem to be somewhat more summery. Still, you would have to drive to Tuscany to find 26-28 degrees Celsius.

You can find our traffic map here and the current weather forecast here.