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Local News Summary of November, 13th

  • Storm damage in Baselland: house in Ettingen loses its roof
  • Basel Herbstmesse attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors
  • Roger Federer wins 6:4, 7:6 against Jack Sock at ATP Finals in London

Storm damage in Baselland: house in Ettingen loses its roof

Yesterday's storm left a trail of damage across Baselland, with strong winds ripping the roof from a house in Ettingen. By the evening, the cantonal police had registered 40 to 50 reports of damage including a barn being struck by lightning.
According to a police report, released on request of the news agency sda, most of the reports related to fallen trees and branches, overturned construction site enclosures and signs. Apart from the damage to the house in Ettingen, a barn in Sissach was also struck by lightning. The building’s roof was damaged, but no fire broke out, a police spokesperson stated.

Basel Herbstmesse attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors

Almost one million people visited the Basel Herbstmesse over the last fortnight. The good weather in the first week of the traditional autumn fair attracted many people to try out the big wheel, various stalls and culinary delights on offer.
In the fair’s second week however the weather was not as pleasant. In a statement issued yesterday, the managers of the Herbstmesse drew a rather critical summary of this year’s autumn fair.
This Herbstmesse was overshadowed by two accidents on its first day: Six people were injured in incidents on a rollercoaster and a carousel. The fair managers said an investigation by the public prosecution office remains ongoing.
A total of 1,003 exhibitors and stall owners had applied for a spot at the major annual event. Of them, 508 of them received the required permission to take part.
The Basel Herbstmesse has a long tradition. In 1449, a papal council in Basel that had lasted for 18 years was closed, which in turn put an end to an economic boom. Something needed to be done to revert this loss of revenue. In 1471, the city received the approval of king Friedrich III to host an annual fair. Since then, there has always been a “Mäss” in Basel – for almost 550 years.

Roger Federer wins 6:4, 7:6 against Jack Sock at ATP Finals in London

Roger Federer had a successful start into this year’s ATP Finals in London at the weekend. The 36-year-old player from Baselland won 6:4, 7:6 (7:4) against Masters newcomer Jack Sock from the USA.
Federer gave a solid performance in front of a packed O2 Arena. Thanks to his surprising tournament victory in Paris-Bercy, Jack Sock had qualified for the best of eight group as the last player – the first American since Mardy Fish in 2011. His comparatively one-dimensional style is normally only a problem for Federer if Sock can land a very good serve.
This did not happen on last Sunday afternoon. With a double error at 4:4 in the tie-break of the second set, Sock basically handed over the decisive mini-break to the Swiss player. Federer did not hesitate to take advantage of this chance and used the first match-ball a short while later to win the match.
Beforehand, the American player had successfully defended himself against a break for a long time. At the start of the match, Sock was forced to give up his serve after Federer displayed a very convincing start to the game. As Sock did not manage at all to get a break chance, the first set was soon over.
In the second set, Federer failed to use five chances for a serve breakthrough – at 3:3, 4:4, and 5:5 – and therefore had to take the long way round with a tie-break. But the six-time ATP Finals champion remained without a set loss in his fourth game againsts Jack Sock. Federer has not lost any set so far in London this year – his Wimbledon triumph earlier in 2017 had been flawless. The player from Basel celebrated his 50th match victory for this year – compared to only four lost matches.
With this win against Jack Sock, Federer has won his initial ATP Finals match for the 12th time – overall, he has participated in the former Masters tournament 15 times. He dropped out in the first round only once – in 2008, when he was suffering from severe indigestion. With six tournament wins, he is the sole record holder at the Finals, even though the last one was six years ago.
In the second group match on Tuesday, Federer will face the winner of the game between Alexander Zerev and Marin Cilic.