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Local News Summary of October, 11th

  • Police stop drunk driver with two flat tyres
  • "Klub Roter Oktober" with performances for October Revolution centenary
  • Didi Offensiv bar celebrates third anniversary with Dario Zuffi

Police stop drunk driver with two flat tyres

A car with two flat tyres caught the attention of the border guards at Weil am Rhein on Sunday evening.

The damaged car, driven by a 76-year-old man from the Basel region, was seen rattling across the border on its wheel rims, according to a statement issued on Tuesday by the Swiss border guard corps. The guards noticed as it crossed the border that the car had a flat tyre at the front and at the rear.

The guards tried to flag the driver down, yet neither the noise of the wheel rims nor the waving and yelling of the border guards could stop the man. A number of border guards then got into a vehicle and pursued the car in a bid to get the driver to pull over. They managed to stop him near the next exit to Basel at Hochbergerstrasse/Hafen.

The man told the border guards he had noticed his car was not running very smoothly. He said he had clipped the kerb in Germany but thought he could still make it home despite the car’s condition.

The border guards then called the Basel police to investigate whether the man had been drink driving. The police carried out a breath test, which confirmed this suspicion. According to a police spokesperson, the man had a breath alcohol level of 0,39 per mille, which is equal to a blood alcohol level of 0,7 per mille. The police have taken over the case from the border guard corps.

"Klub Roter Oktober" with performances for October Revolution centenary

The "Monkey Bar" at Klosterberg in Basel will become "Klub Roter Oktober" on 13 October. To mark the centenary of the October Revolution, artists are looking into what remains of the revolutionaries’ ideals through theatre performances, readings, and concerts.

The premiere of "Hier spricht Lenin" ("This is Lenin speaking") marks the beginning of the programme, which starts at 9pm. Under the patronage of the Basel Theatre, Russian playwright Iwan Wyrypajew has meditated on Lenin’s legacy: In the performance, a waiter and a waitress are sent to the present day by the revolutionary and mastermind of the Bolsheviks to communicate his messages from the afterlife. Actors Nicola Kirsch and Steffen Höld will perform in a scenic installation by Nora Schlocker.

On Friday night at 9pm, the Basel band Bajanski Bal will bring soviet sounds to Klub Roter Oktober, with Speedfolk, PolskiPunk, and Klezmerski-Groove.

On Monday, 16 October at 8pm, the "Operettencouch" launches a series of performances that invites the audience to learn more about forgotten operettas in a relaxed bar atmosphere. Paul Abraham’s jazz operetta "Ball im Savoy" is the first piece, a crazy story about love, sex, and the Paso Doble dance. Pavel B Jiracek created the concept and presentation, while Stephen Delaney is responsible for the musical direction.

Didi Offensiv bar celebrates third anniversary with Dario Zuffi

The football culture bar "Didi Offensiv" celebrates its third anniversary this month. A visit by Dario Zuffi on 12 October will be the highlight of this celebratory week which started yesterday (Tuesday). As a forward player, the current assistant trainer of the FC Winterthur kicked the FC Basel back into the Swiss first national league in 1994.

Football, football, football! As was to be expected in a football culture bar, "Didi Offensiv" is celebrating its third anniversary with a lot of live football. Indeed, the football god seems to also like the bar. During its birthday week - from 10 to 14 October - there are several important games: The Swiss national team last night faced Portugal in a decisive match for the World Cup qualification (losing 2:0), SC Freiburg will play against top division winners FC Bayern in the German national league, and FC Basel will play against FC Lugano.

In 1993, "celebrity guest" Dario Zuffi celebrated the Cup win with the club from Lugano.

The evening of 12 October is therefore aptly titled "Uff e Bier mit em Dario Zuffi" ("A beer with Dario Zuffi"). When he was still a football player, the current assistant trainer of FC Winterthur scored 122 goals in almost 400 matches, played in the Swiss national team 19 times, became Cup winner with the FC Lugano, and was named Swiss champion when he was in the Young Boys. However, he is most famous for kicking FC Basel back into the first league after the club had to spend six arduous years in the second league: On 3 May 1994, Dario Zuffi scored the goal for a 1:1 result against Etoile Carouge in the 74th minute and thereby guaranteed the club’s move back into the first league.