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Local News Summary of October, 12th

  • Dealers taken in custody after seizing of 4.5 kilos of cocaine
  • Cheetah babies at Basel Zoo
  • New Abercrombie & Fitch shop in Freie Strasse

Dealers taken in custody after seizing of 4.5 kilos of cocaine

A prosecution case has been launched against three men after the police seized half a million Swiss francs worth of cocaine earlier this month.

A total of 4.5 kilograms of the Class-A drug were seized by a team of police investigators in Baselland.

The two alleged dealers and a suspected courier were arrested in Pratteln on 1st October. All of the men, aged 36-40, are Nigerian nationals, a spokesperson for the Baselland prosecution service said on Wednesday. One of the men is a Swiss resident.

It follows the arrest of five Nigerian men in two operations in July after a total of six kilos of uncut drugs were found.


Cheetah babies at Basel Zoo

Two new cubs born to the cheetah family at Basel Zoo earlier year have finally been moved into the enclosure, several months after their birth. 

Opuwo and Onysha, born in July, are the first cubs for five-year-old female Novi, a spokesperson for the zoo said on Wednesday.

The move into the enclosure took place on 6th October when cheetah mother Novi and her offspring were moved using a cage and a trolley into the Etoscha enclosure. The family had been living behind the scenes in the breeding enclosure. In the wild, cheetah mothers with newborns often feel disturbed and move the young ones to hiding places. This is why in Basel Zoo, young cheetahs are born mostly away from the visitors‘ eyes and are moved after a few weeks or months into the Etoscha enclosure. This is the first week in which the little ones have been able to discover the outdoor enclosure.


New Abercrombie & Fitch shop in Freie Strasse

The discounter „Brands Check Out“, which offers American brand labels such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Ralph Lauren has opened a new shop in Freie Strasse.

After many stories about shops disappearing from Basel city centre, the opening of a new shop can be reported. The „Brands Check Out“ shop opened its doors two weeks ago.

Direct from America

The name speaks for itself: “Brands Check-Out” is the first shop in Basel which sells US-brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Tommy Hilfiger – apart from the temporary pop-up stores. „The products are imported directly from America,“ manager Raphael Schumacher told barfi.ch on request. And accordingly, these clothes are to be sold at a cheaper price, he said. The new shop however is not an outlet, he said. „The clothes are always new and not from the last season,“ the manager explained.

Permanently low prices

Despite the many shops which have left Freie Strasse in the past years the manager is optimistic. „People are sensitive about prices,“ said Mr Schumacher. It could be that permanently low prices attract customers. But even if discount tags are tempting, the shop is not that cheap: A branded jumper still costs around 100 Swiss francs. Mr Schumacher hopes to remain in Basel permanently. „Brands Check-Out“ is not a pop-up-store, he said, adding that the concept already exists in Zurich.