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Local News Summary of October, 13th

  • Roger Federer reaches Shanghai tournament quarter-finals
  • Violence at Champions League game between Basel and Benfica Lissabon
  • Child severely injured in hit and run accident in Lörrach
  • Basel City Gardeners to replace 277 trees



Roger Federer reaches Shanghai tournament quarter-finals

Roger Federer has successfully entered the quarter-finals of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Shanghai tournament. The tennis ace, from Basel, defeated Ukrainian player Alexander Dolgopolow in their fifth overall match in straight sets (6:4, 6:2). Federer was convincing and played with a strong service throughout. This helped him in the game in which he won 6:4, when he had to defuse the only break ball of the first set. With seven aces and 81 per cent of first service, the Swiss player gave n excellent performance. During ball changes against Dolgopolow (ranked ATP 41), Federer (ATP 2) was prone to making mistakes, but not in the crucial moments. In the break for the 3:2 in the second set, Federer scored after excellent ball changes or returns. But Federer provided his masterpiece in the game for the 5:2 when he took back service from Ukrainian player Dolgopolow after 20 points. 

The Swiss star will face a French player in the quarter-finals – whoever wins the match between Gilles Simon and Richard Gasquet.

Violence at Champions League game between Basel and Benfica Lissabon

The Champions League game on 27 September between FC Basel and Benfica Lissabon sparked violent confrontations both outside the St Jakob stadium and on the stands before the game. Dozens of fans rioted and used pyrotechnic objects. Several people were injured in the attacks. The police consequently searched 59 people.In the meantime, the public prosecution and the youth prosecution have launched proceedings on the grounds of suspected brawls and breach of the peace. The public prosecution does not exclude third parties taking videos of the confrontations. They are therefore calling for those who possess such videos or pictures to hand them over to the criminal police to help with the identification of rioters. 

Among the 59 people controlled by the police (aged between 17 to 42 years) are 32 Croatians (two of them teenagers), 21 Portuguese, five Swiss (one of them female), and one Englishman.

Child severely injured in hit and run accident in Lörrach

The police are looking for the driver of a black Mercedes after a child was run over and injured in Lörrach on Thursday morning.According to current investigations by the police, a ten-year-old girl was riding to school on her bike shortly at around 7.30am when a car driving on the opposite side of the new bicycle path suddenly swerved to the left. The cyclist crashed into the right side of the car, fell, and was severely injured. The driver did not stop but instead fled the scene.

The police were called around an hour later and immediately began an investigation. A scooter driver who had seen the crash was able to give important information to the police. The police are now looking for the female driver of a dark, dirty Mercedes with silver rims and a damaged rear passenger door. The driver appeared to be around 30 years old and had red curly hair.

Basel City Gardeners to replace 277 trees

Basel’s City Gardeners want to replace 277 trees this autumn to ensure a healthy and secure stock of trees. Most of the affected trees are no longer stable, and branches could break off. The trees marked for felling have an average age of 40 years, the construction and traffic department of Basel-Stadt said in a statement issued on Thursday. Younger trees also have to be replaced because they have suffered trunk damage due to the heat.

Besides old age, parasites, fungi, and road salt are other reasons that can lead to a tree having to be felled. A list of trees that are to be replaced this autumn was published in the cantonal paper on Wednesday. They are marked with a red dot. According to the City Gardeners, there are around 26,000 trees on public grounds in Basel.