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Nazi Painting Robbery: Basle Gallery Dreyfus Fights

Basle. Several months ago, the police confiscated a painting of the French artist Alfred Sisley in Switzerland, due to the fact that it was once stolen by the Nazis. The Swiss Gallery Dreifus, which purchased the painting from Christie`s, is sitting on damage.

The Swiss police confiscated the major painting «Premier Jour de Printemps à Moret» of Sisley at a Swiss Gallery, on request of the French courts. This painting, which belonged to the French Lindenbaum family (Citroën, Lindon), was stolen by the Nazis and became a part of Hermann Göring`s collection.

The famous Gallery Dreyfus in Basel, which bought the painting in a public auction of Christie`s ten years ago, was not aware of this fact. Since two years, when the leader of Gallery Dreyfus found out about it, Gallery Dreyfus tries to give back the Sisley painting to Christie`s and asks unsuccessfully for the refunding of the price. Since then the negotiations are running - inefficient. Alain Dreyfus, owner of the gallery: «It is clear that the painting has to be given back to the Jewish family. However, I also want my money back, which I paid for it. Nevertheless, Christie`s still refuses to pay.»