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Swiss National Day celebrations in ‘Barfiland’

Since 5 pm, Basel has been partying along the Rhine. Eleven live concerts, a wide range of offers for families and friends of culinary and liquid delights are all part of the program. The highlight will follow at 11 pm with fireworks that will be fired from two ships again this year. Following the current closing off of the ‘Mittlere Brücke’, from 9 pm onwards, the ‘Wettstein-‘ and ‘Johanniterbrücke’ will be closed off as well

The official celebrations will last until 1 am, the organizers are expecting over 100’000 visitors. And the range of offers is impressive. Live music, ‘Feuerlöschboot’ (fire-fighting boat) demonstration, the traditional rubber dinghy race, a ‘Guggen/Clique’ longship race and on the market square already special offers for families. But the fireworks are what the visitors may look forward to the most. After the fireworks could only be fired from one ship last year, due to high water, this year it’s being fired from two ships again. The “Kiesueli” is placed in between the ‘Mittlere Brücke’ and the ‘Johanniterbrücke’, the “Schwägalp” in between the ‘Mittlere Brücke’ and the ‘Wettsteinbrücke’. The colorful spectacle will last 25 minutes, during the course of which there will be 2000 instances of firing with 20’000 individual effects. The preparations required for this also take the most effort, Daniel Arni, leader of the task force Swiss National Day celebrations at the Rhine, says. What he is looking forward to the most is the fair atmosphere, and of course he’s hoping that everything will run smoothly. Daniel Arni never really believed that his fireworks might be cancelled because of the heat.