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Weekly Hint 119: Origami at Papiermuseum

East meets West in Basel: The Origami Association Gelterkinden offers a paper folding course at Papiermühle this Sunday.

A handwritten letter is a beautiful gift – even more so if you made the paper yourself! The Papiermühle museum in the St. Alban quarter keeps the old tradition of hand-produced paper and books alive and allows visitors to actively participate in the craft. This Sunday, 20th May, a special event awaits: The Origami Association Gelterkinden will show the tricks and techniques of paper folding all day.
The Papiermühle will be open this Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. And beforehand, the Papiermühle restaurant just next door offers Sunday brunch from 10am onwards. More information can be found here: https://www.basel.com/en/Media/Attractions/Museums/Basler-Papiermuehle