©Susanne Schenker/Augusta Raurica
©Susanne Schenker/Augusta Raurica
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Weekly Hint 126: Gladiator school in Augusta Raurica

The games have begun! The ancient Roman site Augusta Raurica near Basel once more offers gladiator training for children.

How heavy is that set of armour? What should you eat to get really strong? The gladiator trainers of Augusta Raurica answer these and many other questions at the «Combat school for gladiators» this Sunday, 8th July. Moreover, the participants aged 6 and above will get the opportunity to train with wooden swords and shields – all in good fun, of course. The training includes food inspired by what the gladiators ate 2000 years ago.

«Combat training for gladiators» begins this Sunday, 8th July, at 10am and 1pm Augusta Raurica. Ticket prices: 12 Swiss francs. Booking in advance is recommended. More information is available here: http://www.augustaraurica.ch/en/