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©Biker Days Basel
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Weekly Hint 127: Biker Days Basel

Roaring engines return to Kleinbasel: This weekend, the «Biker Days Basel» celebrate the cult of motorcycles with a big live exhibition and music event at Uferstrasse.

Whether you own one yourself or just admire them from afar, classic motorcycles are both a lifestyle and an artistic expression. If you would like to see the whole spectrum of bikes and enjoy great music on top, then head to the «Biker Days Basel» at Uferstrasse 90 in Kleinbasel. From Friday, 13th July to Sunday, 15th July, bike exhibitors, biker communities such as «MC Village» and «Bikers Against Child Abuse» as well as various rock bands and food trucks will be present at Rheinhafen. And yes, your bike is welcome, too!

The «Biker Days Basel» are open from this Friday until Sunday at Uferstrasse 90 in Kleinhüningen. Free entry. More information is available here: https://www.bikerdaysbasel.ch