Foto: Keystone
Foto: Keystone
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Weekly Hint 77: International Museum Day

This Sunday, the International Museum Day explores the question of a sustainable and sensible approach to exhibitions and offers answers in museums across Basel and Switzerland.

Although perhaps not as famous as Basel’s annual Museum Night, the International Museum Day is the perfect opportunity to visit museums in our city and in all of Switzerland. For this year, the connecting topic is “The Courage to Take Responsibility: Sensitive Issues Within Museums“. It explores the debate surrounding problematic exhibits such as ivory or human remains, or the controversy of undocumented and possibly illegal pieces of art. Visitors are welcome to participate in the discussion, no matter which museum they go to.


The International Museum Day is this Sunday, 21st May. While many museums offer a free entry for the occasion, it is not guaranteed. More information (partly in English) and a map with participating museums can be found here: