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Weekly Hint 84: The Last of Their Kind

These are the closing days of a special exhibition about endangered plants in Switzerland. The Botanic Garden of the University of Basel shows how wild plants can be protected from extinction.

“Endangered species” is a term commonly associated with animals, but it also applies to plant life. In Switzerland, the situation might not be as precarious as elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Swiss initiative BOTANICA 2017 launched an exhibition series across the country in June to raise awareness for endangered plants. This weekend marks the last opportunity to visit botanic gardens to learn more about the topic.

The Botanic Garden of the University of Basel shows plants threatened by extinction under the title “The Last of Their Kind”. The public garden offers free entry from 8am on Saturday and from 11am on Sunday. More information (in German) can be found here: https://www.botgarten.unibas.ch/2017botanica/