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Weekly Hint 97: “Worlds Apart” in Arlesheim

The sheltered jobs association "Werkstar" in Arlesheim is screening Christopher Papakaliatis’ film “Worlds Apart” this Saturday evening – dinner included.

Christopher Papakaliatis is one of the most active young Greek filmmakers. In 2015, he released his second feature-length film, “Worlds Apart”, starring Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, with great success. As part of a celebration of international cinema, the sheltered jobs association “Werkstar” in Arlesheim (Baselland) is screening Mr Papakaliatis’ film this Saturday, 11th November, at 8.15pm. The movie will be shown in English and Greek with subtitles. Before the film, moviegoers can enjoy a nice dinner at Werkstar’s own restaurant on the premises as of 6.30pm.

More information (in German) about Werkstar and the film can be found here.