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photo basel 2018 open to the public

photo basel’s fourth edition successfully opened its doors yesterday despite the rainy weather and is now open to the public.

A wide range of works await you at the Volkshaus, photo basel's venue for the third consecutive year.

The special exhibition “Master Cabinet: Pivotal Moments” which is devoted to selected classic masterpieces of the 20th century, is on display on the balcony overlooking the main hall with its 35 exhibitors.

Some key highlights of the 114 artists exhibited (450 artworks are shown) are:

Cindy Sherman, Balthasar Burkhard, Edward Burtynsky, Stephen Shore, Erwin Olaf, Lee Miller, Robert Capa, Antanas Sutkus, Tokyo Rumando, Albarran Cabrera, Elina Brotherus, Roger Ballen, Daniel Blaufuks, Jessica Backhaus, Tatiana Macedo, Laurence Aegerter, Witho Worms, Philippe Halsman, Keiichi Tahara, Thomas Dworzak, Karlheinz Weinberger, Sonja Braas, Paolo Ventura, Robert Polidori, Boris Gaberscik, Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek, Mikiko Hara, Jeanloup Sieff, Albert Watson, Takashi Suzuki, Juan Osorno, Aaron Siskind, Kazuo Kitai, Joseph Sterling, Ljubodrag Andric, Sarah Moon, Frank Mädler, Gerhard Vormwald, Alinka Echeverria, Georges Rousse, Sascha Weidner, Christopher Thomas, Ute und Werner Mahler, Christopher Thomas, Jan Banning.


public show days:

Tuesday 12 June – Saturday 16 June from 12 - 8pm

Sunday 17 June from 12 - 6pm