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Bild: Keystone
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Local News Summary of May, 8th

  • Pratteln: Gio the police dog catches suspected burglars in the act
  • Zoo Basel looks back on a positive year in 2017
  • Basler price index of April 2018

Pratteln: Gio the police dog catches suspected burglars in the act

A brave police dog interrupted a burglary as it took place at a company premises in Dammweg, Pratteln on Sunday afternoon. It was thanks to Gio the dog that a suspect could be arrested.

A police patrol rushed to the scene after an alert member of the public contacted the Baselland police control centre when they noticed two men allegedly stealing copper items from a company premises in Dammweg. The police officers who were immediately dispatched to the scene were able to arrest one of the men as he tried to flee the premises. However, it was thanks to the help of police dog Gio, whose full name is Gio-Gordon von Granfels, that a second man was arrested. The suspect is a 33-year-old Macedonian.

A third person, a 42-year-old Macedonian citizen, was able to flee but was later found by police in Solothurn and arrested.

The Baselland police and the Baselland prosecution have opened an investigation. 

Zoo Basel looks back on a positive year in 2017

Basel’s zoo has demonstrated that it has had a very successful year in 2017. The Zoo earned more than six million Swiss francs in the form of donations, gifts, legacies, and joint sponsorships. The new elephant enclosure was very popular and the «Wimmelbuch» (hidden object book) was a complete success, according to the Zoo.

The income statement of Basel Zoo from 2017 recorded an annual profit of 73,223 CHF. This amounted to a net profit by 31st December of 1,070,123 CHF. Staff and operational costs were almost unchanged in comparison to the previous year. The revenue made from entry and seasonal tickets was around 10,296,506.13 francs. This represented an increase of 15 per cent. A strong year experienced by the stock exchange resulted in a return for the average shares and assets of 9,7 per cent. An average of 210 people worked at Basel Zoo in 2017, in a total of 162 full-time jobs.

The small (and large) darlings of the visitors

The newly opened «Tember» elephant enclosure was very well received, and had an impact on a rise in visitor numbers. Also, the baby animals born in 2017 brought much joy. Two male giraffes, a male chimpanzee, two female lion cubs, and a male rhino were all born in this year. This resulted in a six per cent increase in visitor numbers in 2017 than in the previous year. The new «Wimmelbuch» (hidden object book) has also been very popular and is, in addition to the higher visitor numbers, an important reason for the encouraging sales in the Zoo shop of 1,309,010 CHF (1,142,298.95 in 2016). The positive increase in visitor numbers as well as the sales figures in the restaurants and shops show that the price increase for entry into the zoo as well as for the seasonal ticket was accepted by the public.

Glance into the future

Zoo Basel relies on donations and legacies as well as financial grants from both cantons of Basel. In the medium term, the zoo staff expect a positive business development due to the opening and popularity of the elephant enclosure.

The preliminary project of the Ozeanium Basel 2017 has been developed, and will be subject to a comprehensive review. An environmental impact assessment will also be carried out. The cost for this preliminary work amounted to a total of 3,649,490 CHF by the end of 2017. The firmly pledged fixed donation of 30,000,000 CHF will be due as soon as the Ozeanium is realised. The Zoo staff have calculated that the building of the large aquarium can begin no earlier than 2021/2022. 

Basler price index of April 2018

The Basler index of consumer prices rose by 0,2 per cent in April compared to the month before and now sits at 102.2 points. The annual inflation rate between April 2017 and 2018 exceeded the one-per-cent limit and is now at 1,1 per cent. Eight main groups of the Basler index had a higher rate than in March.

Transport had the biggest impact on the prices (+0,9 per cent), mostly due to higher fuel prices and more expensive flight tickets. The leisure and culture sector rose by the same amount, mostly due to significantly more expensive city trips and holidays in the Mediterranean region. 

Clothing and shoes (+1,2 per cent) were earmarked by higher prices for women’s items while the price of men's clothing sank. The 0,2 per cent rise in the house and energy sector was only influenced by the higher cost of heating oil (+4,8 per cent). Expiring discounts for wine contributed to higher prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco (+1,0 per cent). Furniture and electric devices as well as fridges rose by 0,3 per cent while toiletries and hair care items costs rose by +0,1 per cent, and mobile phones by +0,2 per cent.

Restaurant and hotel prices shrank by -1,0 per cent, especially due to post-season prices for hotel nights in Switzerland. The cost of health products, including reading glasses, went down by -0,2 per cent. In Basel’s shops, shoppers benefited from the lower prices of olive oil, kiwis, strawberries, and peppers (nutrition and alcohol-free beverages -0,1 per cent).

The national index reached 101.7 points in April (+0,2 per cent) after an annual inflation of +0,8 per cent.