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© Carrosserie Weyl Gmbh
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Weekly Hint 118: Vintage car exhibition in Ettingen

A treat for all classic car enthusiasts: The «Carrosserie Weyl» garage in Ettingen will host an exhibition of vintage vehicles this coming Saturday.

«Carrosserie Weyl» in Ettingen (Baselland) has become a popular meeting point for owners of beautiful old cars. This Saturday, 12th May, they are gathering again to display their vintage automobiles in all their glory. There will even be a few «stars» at the exhibition, for example an original 1965 «Mako Shark II Corvette». And no need to feel ashamed if you drive to the garage in Ettingen with your modern car – its proprietor offers a free paint check for your vehicle regardless of age.

The «Oldtimer Treff» begins this Saturday at 10am. Food and drink will be available. More information (in German) can be found here!