Image: © Zoo Basel
Image: © Zoo Basel
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Local News Summary of June, 9th

  • Police looking for witnesses after car crash in Bottmingen
  • Easier tariffs for travelling to and from Germany
  • Farewell Goma! Europe's most famous female gorilla dies at Basel Zoo

Police looking for witnesses after car crash in Bottmingen 

The police are looking for witnesses after an accident in Bottmingen on Thursday afternoon involving two cars.

According to police investigations, a 63-year-old woman driver entered the Bottmingen roundabout coming from Binningen and was heading towards Oberwil. The 45-year-old driver of another car coming from Münchenstein also wanted to leave the roundabout in the direction of Oberwil. The two cars then collided. The drivers remained uninjured.

The cause of the accident, which happened at 2pm, is unclear and the Baselland police are looking for witnesses. Anyone with information is asked to contact the command centre of Baselland police in Liestal, phone 061 553 35 35.

Easier tariffs for travelling to and from Germany

A uniform tariff for travel between the Swiss TNW- and the German RVL-tariff zones will be introduced on Sunday.

Five different types of tri-regional single fare tickets will be available from 10th June. Besides single fare tickets for adults in second and first class, there will also be tickets for children. There will also be single fare tickets for Swisspass holders in second and first class.

All stops in the northwest Switzerland TNW and the Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach RVL tariff zones can be reached with only one ticket. This will make it possible to buy a single fare ticket in Lörrach to the Euroairport and vice versa, for example. At all stops in Northwest Switzerland, a tri-regional single fare ticket can be bought towards stops in the RVL, for example from Oberwil to Weil am Rhein or from Liestal to Schopfheim. Up until Sunday, two different tickets must be purchased – one for the journey in Switzerland, and a separate one for Germany.

There are no changes to travels from and to France.

Farewell Goma! Europe's most famous female gorilla dies at Basel Zoo

Goma was born in 1959 and grew up in the family of former zoo director, Prof Dr Ernst Lang. She was the first Gorilla born in a zoo in Europe.

Goma's birth and her first time among humans received worldwide media coverage. When Goma was a year old she was joined by Pepe, who was the same age. Together they were brought back to their original family group. In 1971, she gave birth to her son, Tamtam, without help from humans, which evoked another surge of media coverage: Tamtam was the first gorilla of the second generation in a zoo, and the first gorilla child growing up in the company of a silverback. Tamtam was Goma's only child.

Always in the best of health

The zoo celebrated Goma's 50th birthday in 2009 with a big party. In 2010, she moved with her group to another location while the ape-house was renovated. The health checks conducted when moving out and moving in showed that Goma was in the best of health. When returning to the renovated house Goma had another surprise to offer: After the calamities of house-moving the other gorillas withdrew to recover. Goma however immediately started eating as if she had never left.

Humans earmarked her life

As a consequence of her extraordinary childhood, Goma was connected to humans and therefore remained an outsider in her group for a long time. However, over the last two decades Goma could integrate more and more into family life and in the end was a content and caring grandmother. Goma died at the age of 58 – a very high age for an ape.