Image: © ED Basel-Stadt
Image: © ED Basel-Stadt
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Local News Summary of June, 11th

  • Left-wing parties celebrate in Basel-Stadt, relief in Baselland after public voting
  • Emergency units busy with fuel streaks on the Rhine
  • Basler water sport associations organised «heRheinspaziert»!

Left-wing parties celebrate in Basel-Stadt, relief in Baselland after public voting

There was relief in Baselland on Sunday night after the public voted in favour of a stable plan for schools. And after the four tenant-initiatives were accepted in Basel-Stadt, some warned of market distortion and «tenant tourism».

Voters in Basel-Stadt opted for more protection for tenants, although government president Elisabeth Ackermann said it would not be easy to implement these new protection measures. 

Even though the electorate were in favour of a right to housing, it would be difficult for the canton to limitless property developer, it was stated. There are also fears that too many houses underneath the market value could lead to «tenant tourism». The available offer on housing at present is rather narrow. At the moment the Social Democrats (SP) and the tenants' association are enjoying their triumph. The implementation however will be object to political negotiations.

Defeat for liberals from Baselland

After the voting in Baselland, schools can work and plan more in the background. There is hope that the bombardment of educational initiatives will slow down. For now, the canton remains within the «Harmos-concordat», an agreement between cantons to have a similar school system. The rejection of transforming the educational council into an advisory board is a defeat for Paul Hofer, president of the Liberals (FDP) in Baselland. Member of government, Monica Gschwind, was not too careful when dealing with teachers. Her advisory board would have had no competence for decisions.

Governmental ban on Internet games

On the national level the so-called full money initiative was seen as «too radical» and had no chance of being approved. All cash flow would have flown through the national bank which would have meant a loss of flexibility and economic leeway, according to critics. In the second national voting the gambling law was accepted, a success for the lobbying of Swiss casinos. Their association emphasised that if the law was rejected, then school camps for example could no longer be paid for. The law includes a kind of firewall concerning gambling on foreign platforms. The hope remains that other Swiss associations do not discover Internet bans for their own purposes.

Emergency units busy with fuel streaks on the Rhine

Vast streaks which appeared to be fuel were spotted on the Rhine in Pratteln on Saturday evening at around 6.45pm.

In order to avoid an escalation, emergency units, professionals and commanders were deployed. All possibly affected authorities were involved. The source was found at the exit pipe of the waste water treatment plant and was sealed off.

A large quantity of the substance was caught with an oil barrier, exhausted and disposed near the lock gate in Birsfelden. The exact quantity, origin, and how it found its way to the Rhine is yet unclear and is subject to ongoing investigations.

According to the authorities, the continuous measures showed that there was no further threat to the public or the environment once the material had been captured.

The emergency units consisted of fire fighters, oil fighters of Baselland, the measuring group of the ABC fighters Baselland, the water protection unit Baselland, and the Baselland police.

Basler water sport associations organised «heRheinspaziert»!

The sport office Basel-Stadt and water sport associations offered exciting adventures for everyone over the weekend.

The sport office Basel-Stadt and water sport associations on Sunday invited the public to learn more about water sports in Basel from 11am to 5pm.

The different associations invited guests to the Rhine banks in Kleinbasel between Mittlere Brücke and Johanniterbrücke.

However, heavy rain on both Friday and Saturday evenings meant the public were unable to try out certain activities. Sailing had been taken off the agenda due to the volume of water and the lack of wind.

Here are some impressions: