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Zac Langdon-Pole selected for next BMW Art Journey

Art Basel and BMW present Zac Langdon-Pole as the next BMW Art Journey winner. An international jury selected him unanimously from a shortlist of three artists whose works were exhibited in the Discoveries sector at this year’s Art Basel show in Hong Kong. Zac Langdon-Pole is represented by Michael Lett in Auckland.

Zac Langdon-Pole’s journey ‘Sutures of the Sky’, as his proposal is titled, will take him later this year across a world that humans and birds have been navigating for millennia. He will follow the flight paths of birds like the white stork or the arctic tern, traveling along the earth’s axis where the Northern and Southern Hemispheres’ summers intersect. Migrating birds cover some of the longest distances traveled by any living being. Their routes have guided the Polynesian pathfinders across the seas.