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Local News Summary of April, 18th

  • Muba: the mother of all fairs
  • Roche presents positive test results for anti-haemophilia drug
  • 58-year-old man robbed in Schützenmattpark

Muba: the mother of all fairs

The “mother of all fairs”, muba, celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year. Last year there was a jubilee show to commemorate its 100-year history although, strictly speaking, the jubilee is celebrated this year. The first product fair opened in Basel in April 1917, enthralling the masses.

If you grew up in Basel or its region, you probably know about “muba”. At least once in your childhod you were dragged through the halls; your eyes wide because of all the attractions and knick-knacks.

Nowadays, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and various other novelties have lost their appeal. The muba feels a bit dusty by now. No wonder when one realises that it is 100 years old. Yet it must not be forgotten that the traditional Basel fair inspired all the other glamorous and internationally relevant fairs of our city. When the rich and the beautiful come to Baselworld every year, creative people visit the Art Basel, and manufacturers make connections at Swissbau, it is all because of the first opening of muba 100 years ago. All of these fairs are spin-offs of the original.

The product fair was launched in the middle of World War One. International trade had collapsed and people went back to the things they already had – local products. One could even say that the label “Swissness” has its origins in the muba. It offered Swiss producers and traders a platform. Even the managers were surprised by how well visited it was back then: A total of 831 exhibitors showed their wares, and 300,000 visitors came to the fair. This is almost three times as high as its numbers today.

The muba has a tradition – this is why it still exists and why there is always a federal government member present to open it. Basel has its name “city of fairs” thanks to the muba – and we still hold it dear to our hearts even after 100 years.

Roche presents positive test results for anti-haemophilia drug

In a Haven-2 study, Roche has achieved positive intermediate results in the treatment of haemophiliac children below the age of 12 with the anti-haemophilia drug, Emicizumab. The results were based on studies conducted with a number of young people and adults, Roche announced on Monday.

During an average treatment period of 12 weeks, a “significant reduction” of cases of haemophilia was reached with Emicizumab.

Haven-2 is a still-running Phase-III study in which patients with haemophilia A are treated with Emicizumab (ACE910). At the same time, these patients must have developed inhibitory antibodies against blood coagulation VIII to form part of the study. The data presented is consistent with the one from the Haven-1 study, it was further stated.

58-year-old man robbed in Schützenmattpark

A 58-year-old man was robbed and injured on Monday at 10.30pm in Schützenmattpark near Wielandplatz.

Current investigations by the criminal police of the public prosecution reveal that the 58-year-old had met with an unidentified person in Schützenmattpark. The two then went to the nearby toilets together. The unidentified person suddenly hit the man several times and stole his wallet, then ran away in an unknown direction.

The victim went home afterwards and called the police. An immediate search has so far remained unsuccessful.

The police are looking for:

An unidentified man, between 25 and 30 years old, 180-185cm tall, with white skin, slim build, spoke Swiss German. He had a well-groomed appearance, dark brown hair, an upright stance and a self-confident attitude. He was wearing a marine-blue Jack Wolfskin rain jacket, black jeans, chequered shirt, and trainers.