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Local News Summary of May, 16th

  • Public prosecution invite "victims" of alleged Basel police spy to come forward
  • New cremation facilities at Hörnli cemetery 
  • What is it with the "muba" tolerance zone?

Public prosecution invite "victims" of alleged Basel police spy to come forward

The public prosecution of Basel is providing information on request to people who suspect they may have been victims of an alleged spy within the Basel police force.

At the weekend, it was revealed that three Baslers with Kurdish roots had been arrested in Turkey in April. It remains unclear whether there is a connection between these arrests and a member of Basel’s police force being suspected of spying for Turkey.

However, anyone who fears that they may have come under investigation by this man can contact the public prosecution of Basel, its spokesperson René Gsell said on Monday. The prosecution has created a special email address for written requests. Mr Gsell provided the email address, which confirmed a report in the "Basler Zeitung". 

The email address is meldung.2269@stawa.bs.ch. There is no telephone number available, as the public prosecution does not provide support via telephone.

New cremation facilities at Hörnli cemetery 

The new crematorium at the "Hörnli" cemetery in Basel is now up and running and is expected to replace the old facility within weeks. 

Basel-Stadt’s Department of Construction and Traffic announced on Monday that both the old and new crematoriums will operate in tandem over the next four weeks. The first cremations using the new facility have already taken place as part of a test run. From the beginning of June at the latest, all cremations are to take place in the new premises exclusively. 

According to the statement, the new facilities are more powerful and meet all modern environmental demands. On average, there are 20 cremations a day at "Hörnli". Compared to the old facilities, relatives will in the future be able to be present when the coffin enters the cremation oven.

What is it with the "muba" tolerance zone?

The oldest public exhibition of Switzerland, the "muba", is apparently tolerant of the world’s oldest trade (with a wink).

If the public look at the ground right in front of the lift at the "muba" entrance, they will be astounded: does the "muba" have its own prostitution tolerance zone? That’s what two large signs - similar to those that mark the prostitution area in Kleinbasel - appear to claim. However, there are hardly any double meanings at "muba". Is the "muba" simply tolerant or is there a joke implied?

When approached for answers, barfi.ch did not initially receive any information. Nobody seems to have noticed the signs. Only "muba" director Daniel Nussbaumer attempted to provide some clarity. "That is simply part of Basel." Yet he isn’t entirely certain either. With a laugh, he adds: "Of course, this is meant ironically." And prior to barfi.ch, nobody had asked about it, he said.

Sabrina Oberländer, head of communications at "muba", offers more clarification after a moment of hesitation: "This merely is another part of Basel’s road signage. It is meant as a small joke."