©Julian Salinas
©Julian Salinas
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Local News Summary of March, 4th

  • New «old» pictures of Basel to remind dementia patients of the past
  • Swiss driver caught on drugs
  • Car skids into oncoming traffic in Lörrach

New «old» pictures of Basel to remind dementia patients of the past

Pictures created by photographer Julian Salinas of all parts of Basel have been put up in a home for dementia patients to remind them of their city.

Dementia patients lose their memory more and more as time goes by. Photographer Julian Salinas has taken on the challenge of helping dementia patients who live at Marthastift retirement home to remember where they are. When drawing up plans for the new home, the architects not only had to design the building but also had to arrange the layout of the furniture and pictures in the common rooms. To take the dementia patients into account, the architects made sure that photographs instead of paintings were put on the walls. A number of photographers were approached and asked to put forward a design proposal. Among them was Julian Salinas. He explained that not only the location of the photographs was important. «The pictures shouldn't be too wild and dark, since that might frighten people. I was aware that they should be airy and light,» he said.

His proposal convinced the architects and he got the job. «In Marthastift there are ten residential units and there are also ten postal areas in Basel,» Julian Salinas explained. «So I thought: that would fit! Every living unit matches with a part of the city, so I chose pictures of the city.» He did not only take pictures of the touristy spots but also took shots of places which are not so familiar. «I would like it if people would take their time to look at the pictures and then realise that they are from Basel.» The patients at the Marthastift might recognise their old familiar home while heading to the breakfast room, for example.

The architects liked the idea so much that the living units were named after the areas of the city in accordance with the design concept. For example, there is no second floor but instead it is called «St Johann». «In this way, the patients get their old home back,» the photographer said.

Swiss driver caught on drugs

The police in Rheinfelden discovered that a driver was under the influence of drugs when they pulled over a Swiss-registered car on Friday night.

The 18-year-old Swiss driver was travelling along Friedrichstrasse when he was stopped by the German officers. According to them, he was showing signs of drug consumption. An instant drug test revealed that he had smoked cannabis.

The teenager had to undergo a blood test and was not permitted to continue driving. He is expected to be fined more than 500 Euros.

Car skids into oncoming traffic in Lörrach

An 18-year-old man was injured when he skidded into oncoming traffic with his car on the B316 from Degerfelden to Lörrach over the weekend.

The police say the young driver had not adjusted his speed to the weather conditions and lost control of his Smart car in a right bend just after Sägemühle. He collided with a Mercedes driving in the other direction towards Rheinfelden. The 24-year-old Mercedes driver, along with the driver of the Smart car and his passenger, suffered minor injuries and had to be brought to hospital by ambulance.

The road was closed for one and a half hours. The damage to both cars amounted to 35,000 Euros.