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Local News Summary of March, 7th

  • Globus to open two new fashion shops in Basel
  • Claraspital considers working with University Hospital on abdominal surgery
  • Spam emails from “cantonal police” are circulating – please ignore them, and do not open the attachment!

Globus to open two new fashion shops in Basel

This Thursday, not one but two new Globus shops will open in Basel: At two locations in Freie Strasse, the retail group Globus has turned the former “Schild” shoe shop into a specialist shop for women’s fashion, and the former “Herren Globus” is now a fashion shop for men.

Globus has refurbished the two shops over the past few weeks, during which Schild was partly closed and the Herren Globus remained open– albeit with less products available.

Intensive preparations

The two managers of the new Globus specialist shops, Michel Karolewski (women’s fashion) and Nedzarije Ajvazi (men’s fashion) are looking forward to the opening. In a joint statement, they said they have been working intensively on the new shop concepts with their teams over the past few weeks and “are excited about the customers’ reactions to the new shopping experience”.

The opening of the two new shops forms part of the company’s one-brand strategy, which Globus had announced in May 2017. Both Schild and Herren Globus were reorganised as part of the premium family brand, Globus. A total of 27 shops across Switzerland have been refurbished as Globus shops.

Claraspital considers working with University Hospital on abdominal surgery

The Claraspital is looking at creating a potential partnership with the University Hospital of Basel. The focus of this partnership would be the treatment and operations of gastro-intestinal illnesses as well as treatments for obesity. In Basel, the Claraspital carries out the most operations in this field.

A commission of the Faculty for Medicine of Basel’s University has created various scenarios for the future of the visceral surgery professorship at the University Hospital – among them also a more in-depth cooperation between the Unispital and the Claraspital. The management team at the Claraspital has agreed to thoroughly assess such a potential partnership.

As part of this consideration, it hopes to increase the possibility for patients from the Basel region to receive treatment or be operated on in Basel. This would reduce the need to move those patients who need complex surgery to other Swiss hospitals. Both looking at the statistics and the broad experience of the Claraspital in a gastrointestinal surgeries, the hospital staff are likely to continue to play a central role.

For the Claraspital, the most important factor is to keep up the high quality of service in its abdominal specialist centre. In particular, its assessment focusses on learning how a cooperation with the Unispital can assist the Claraspital in remaining among the best abdominal surgery specialists in Switzerland. It also wants to ensure the continuation of healthcare for highly-specialised visceral surgery in North-West Switzerland.

Spam emails from “cantonal police” are circulating – please ignore them, and do not open the attachment!

The police have issued a warning after spam e-mails purportedly sent from the “cantonal police”, “cantonal police Pratteln”, and “cantonal police Sissach” were found to be circulating in the Basel region. These emails, marked with the subject “Psychopate Triebtäter, Beschreibung Information” are spam-mails, which were not sent by the Baselland police.

The spam-emails, with malware attachments, detail false information about allegedly violent criminals in the Basel region. None of these mails were sent by the server of the police of Baselland. The police are advising the public to ignore them and do not open the .zip, .docx. file, or any other attachment.

The following tips have been provided by the Federal police office help the public deal safely with emails:

  • Be suspicious! Do not believe everything you find on the Internet or read in your emails, even if the logo or the design of the sender may seem familiar. Serious senders never ask for confidential data via email! Stay particularly alert about lucrative offers, and provide as little info about yourself as possible online.
  • If in doubt, ignore! If you are not sure whether an ad or a website is serious, it is better to ignore a nice bargain rather than falling for a trap.
  • Never open a link or an attachment sent by a person or a company which you do not know. Instead, ask the “real” sender or company whether they really did send you an e-mail.
  • Protect your computer. Update all of your programs regularly – especially anti-virus programmes. Also, do not ignore system updates.

Artist talk with Georg Baselitz at Kunstmuseum Basel postponed

The Kunstmuseum Basel has had to postpone its artist talk with Georg Baselitz, which was planned for 8 March, due to illness. A replacement date for the talk will be announced as soon as possible.