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Local News Summary of May, 12th

  • Asylum seekers to have permission to change trains at Badischer Bahnhof
  • "Maria Lassnig: Dialogues" in the Kunstmuseum Basel
  • Being Darth Vader once in your life - only at Fantasy Basel

Asylum seekers to have permission to change trains at Badischer Bahnhof

Asylum seekers located in Germany are to be given permission to legally change trains within Germany at the Badischer Bahnhof.South Baden German MP, Christoph Hoffmann, (FDP), said in the future, the direct transit over the Badischer Bahnhof will no longer be regarded as immigration.This will help those asylum seekers who, for example, have started an apprenticeship and must go to college via the Badischer Bahnhof. Mr Hoffman told the Swiss ambassador in Berlin, Christine Schraner Burgener, that this aas only been made possible through the “generous interpretation of the law” by the Swiss authorities.Up until now,asylum seekers havenotbeenallowed to change trains at Badischer Bahnhof since it is located on Swiss territory. 

"Maria Lassnig: Dialogues" in the Kunstmuseum Basel

The Kunstmuseum Basel is currently showing aretrospective exhibition of 90 drawings and watercolour paintings byMaria Lassnig who passed away four years ago.Deeply felt emotions are at the core of the art of Maria Lassnig (1919–2014). Works she labelled "body awareness" art seek to render physical sensations and trace the nuances of her perception of her own body. Both funny and serious, driven by profound yearnings and relentlessly rigorous, the Austrian artist captured her sense of—mentally and physically—self on paper, transmitting not only what she saw but how she felt her own existence into images.Even as she honed her introspective attention to her body, Lassnig remained in constant touch with the outside world. Her portraits grow out of a searching study of reality, though her sensitive observations of animals and humans reach far beyond mere representation of the visible, engaging with her subjects to bring out their essence and probe their singularity.HLassnig’s dialogue with the inner and outer worlds, with the complexities of emotion and reality, is especially vivid in her works on paper. A sheltering medium, the drawing becomes a scene of experimentation with spontaneously placed lines and fields of colour. It opens up new perspectives and helps the artist chart new themes. Yet despite the intimate quality of graphic art, she tends to lay out her works on paper in monumental and pictorial compositions. Lassnig’s drawings have transcended the idea of the sketch or first draft for an autonomous creative articulation on paper. In the intensity of the draftsmanship, the vibrancy of the individual line as much as the radiance of the watercolor, her graphic art is visibly and palpably of a piece with her painting. 

Being Darth Vader once in your life - only at Fantasy Basel

Fantasy Basel is the meeting point for film, game, comic, and cosplay-fans. A place for watching and experiencing, a once in a year event for many visitors to transform into the favourite game-character or action hero.Long before the opening of the fourth Fantasy Basel, the queues had started forming – an almost beloved tradition. A total of 50'000 visitors are expected at the fair for film, video games, comic, and cosplay over the weekend. They can expect several highlights.At first sight, Fantasy Basel appears a bit too colourful, shrill, and a bit intimidating. The fair brings together what belongs together: Deadpool is there reading his own comics, and Darth Vader exercises at a playstation stand.The fair extends over four halls and 60'000m2 surface. Exhibitors promote the newest trends in the fantasy-world. At the weekend also international stars will be attending. On the stages and behind them they show the fans how the big productions are made.