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Local News Summary of July, 5th

  • Collision between three cars in Münchenstein
  • Claraspital and University Hospital create centre for abdominal patients
  • Allschwil launches a culture week at the end of August


Collision between three cars in Münchenstein

On Tuesday evening, shortly before 11.30pm, a collision occurred between three cars on Bruderholzstrasse in Münchenstein (Baselland). Nobody was hurt.

According to current investigations of the police of Baselland, a motorcyclist had to stop on Bruderholzstrasse due to a technical defect. Two cars behind him also stopped to help the man. A third car intended to pass between the two standing vehicles and had to brake to do so.

A 48-year-old driver behind the braking car noticed this too late and collided with the rear of the vehicle in front of him. The vehicle was pushed forward by the impact and collided with a stationary passenger car, which was in turn pushed into the crash barrier by the force of the impact. The people who were currently on the road could escape to safety in time by jumping behind the crash barrier. Nobody was injured in the accident.

The three cars suffered considerable damage and had to be taken away by a towing company. Bruderholzstrasse had to be closed while the case was assessed by the police. Traffic was diverted locally.

Claraspital and University Hospital create centre for abdominal patients

The Claraspital and the University Hospital Basel combine their strengths in visceral surgery and gastroenterology. They are setting up a centre with national appeal for all patients who are dependent on treatment in the abdominal area.

The management board of the University Hospital Basel and the Claraspital have decided to establish a university stomach centre together. This decision will create the most important health care provider for visceral surgery and gastroenterology far beyond the Basel region. The new company will strengthen medical service in the region and assume a leading position in treatment and research across Switzerland. The cooperation between the public University Hospital and Basel's largest non-profit private hospital Claraspital is a role model for the whole of Switzerland.

High-end therapy for all abdominal patients

The two partner hospitals will open a centre under the name «Clarunis» for all patients with abdominal diseases or injuries in 2019. To achieve this, doctors, special nursing staff (endoscopy etc.), and case management will be brought together as part of a new company. All other employees, for example the nursing staff on the wards or the operation staff, will remain in the current organisations.

Basic visceral-surgical and gastroenterological care will continue at the two existing locations of the partner hospitals. Highly specialised medicine will be employed in places of the highest competence. Service for emergencies will continue at both sites. Both for patients and the referring physicians, this means that there will always be an excellent treatment that is tailored to specific needs and with the greatest possible freedom of choice.

Basel remains a location for highly specialised medicine and research

The new company combines the expertise and case numbers of both partner hospitals. The quality of treatment can thus be further improved, especially for patients with serious illnesses. The cooperation contributes to keeping highly specialised abdominal treatments active in the region, so that Basel patients can continue to count on a comprehensive medical service in the vicinity of their homes and patients can be won from further regions as well.

Both hospitals contribute to this cooperation with their expertise in highly specialized treatments: the University Hospital Basel specialises in liver surgery and in highly complex cases, for example, and the Claraspital focuses on the surgery of the oesophagus, the deep rectum, and the surgical treatment of severely overweight patients among other areas.

A direct link to the University of Basel and relevant academic research is provided by the three professorships in Visceral Surgery, Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University Hospital Basel. ClaraSpital's research activities are also highly relevant to the joint abdominal centre. The concentration of case numbers and the cooperation of the best specialists in the region create synergies for clinical research and surgical-technical innovations – for example robotic surgery.

The two partner hospitals expect more than 9,000 cases for Clarunis, 350 of them in highly specialized medicine. This number of cases is expected to increase in the future.

Joint venture with Universitätsspital Nordwest is also a possibility

Clarunis will begin operations on 1st January 2019. The merger of the local abdominal sector into a single company enables a full integration both at the medical and business management levels. The Claraspital has a 55 per cent voter and capital majority due to the number of cases brought in.

Prof. Dr. med. Markus von Flüe (Chief Physician Claraspital, Visceral Surgery) and Prof. Dr. med. Markus Heim (Chief Physician, University Hospital Basel, Gastroenterology) are joint managers of Clarunis. The two sites of the joint hospital are headed by a management team, which includes a managing director, the two chief physicians and the head of case management. Local site management ensures a functioning supply on site.

About 150 employees of both companies will move to Clarunis. There will be no staff cuts since both locations will be retained. Previous cooperation agreements and service contracts of both partner hospitals can be continued seamlessly due to the uncomplicated business model. The Claraspital and the University Hospital Basel continue their own contracts with insurers and will account for the services they provide separately.

If the parliaments of both Basels and the population approve the merger of the University Hospital Basel and the cantonal hospital of Baselland, Clarunis will continue as a partnership between the Claraspital and the University Hospital Northwest. The Universitätsspital Nordwest will then hold the majority of capital while the Claraspital Basel holds the majority of votes.

Allschwil launches a culture week at the end of August

Numerous events will take place around the village centre of Allschwil between 18th and 25th August as part of the «Allschwil Culture Week», offering entertainment for everyone.

The association Fachwerk presents the music theatre production «The Rose of Jericho» at the beginning of Allschwil Culture Week: Twenty pupils will perform this theatre together with the well-known Swiss songwriter Linard Bardill in the garden of the local museum. As a highlight, the second «International LandArt in the Village» will take place, conceived by the artist couple Peter and Marie Hess (atelier5) and performed with 22 LandArt artists from Europe and Asia as well as a secondary school class from Allschwil. On Wednesday afternoon, the Arlecchino Theatre will make a guest appearance in the garden of the local museum and will delight younger audience members with its production of «Gläini Häggs Dintegläggs». On Thursday evening, the Fachwerk will show a «Surprise» film screening in the Heimkatmuseum, which marks the start of the second weekend of cultural week 2018.

Many reasons to celebrate

On the second weekend, there are three separate reasons to celebrate. The «Allschwil Museum of Local History» was opened in August 50 years ago. The youth and leisure centre looks back on 40 years of «Offene Jugendarbeit Freizeithaus Allschwil» and celebrates this event on Friday evening with an open-air concert by the Allschwil hip-hop pioneers «Brandhärd» in the park of the leisure centre. At the same time, the art-loving public can enjoy the presentation of the latest works by local artists in the art exhibition of the «Allschwiler Kunst-Verein» in the Mühlestall. On Saturday, the association «Schwyzerörgelifründe Allschwil» then celebrates its 25th anniversary and invites to «Stubeten» in pubs in the village centre of Allschwil.

Finissage as a highlight

The highlight of Allschwil Culture Week will be the finissage of the second «International LandArt in the Village» on the same Saturday. In guided tours and on-site visits, visitors can enter into a dialogue with the LandArt artists and thus understand and admire the works of art created from the perspective of their creators.