Foto: A. Schwald
Foto: A. Schwald
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Local News Summary of March, 14th

  • Green area in Gundeli to be taken over by large-scale construction project
  • “Holy Cow” burger chain to open restaurant at Rümelinsplatz
  • Short film competition for ninth “Gässli Film Festival”

Green area in Gundeli to be taken over by large-scale construction project

The Swiss and French Railway Station in Basel (SBB) is to undergo a major refurbishment starting this summer.

However, while ticket counters and shops are to be temporarily moved as part of the project, there have already been consequences for nature. At the southern entrance in Gundeli, young trees have been chopped down to make space.  Currently, there is a dirty green patch of unused lawn in this area, near the Coop Südpark, but a temporary building is to be erected there instead.

SBB media spokesperson, Daniele Pallecchi, confirmed that the removal of the trees was a “preparatory measure” for a temporary solution; a food manufacturer will be provided with a building on the site for the duration of the renovation works. No information has so far been provided about who the food manufacturer is.

Temporary solution to start in the spring 

The construction on the temporary building is set to begin in the coming weeks, a spokesperson for the SBB confirmed on request.

The large-scale renovation work is to begin in the summer, when diggers and road workers will have to work around the 115,000 daily commuters on the Bahnhofspasserelle. The entire west wing – including Elsässerhof – is to be renovated. For this, the Basler Bahnhofbuffet is one of the restaurants that will close.

Heavy commuter traffic on Passerelle

The train station remains a planning and financial jungle. Whereas the divisions of SBB Infrastruktur and SBB Immobilien are working hand in hand, and the Meret-Oppenheim tower slowly reaches the sky, politicians are demanding another solution for commuter traffic. Any solution however is far off into the future. Furthermore, the SBB is increasing the number of bicycle parking spaces: The Meret-Oppenheim square is still a concrete desert but shall soon be replaced with a small park.

The Passerelle also remains problematic and there are no relief measures in sight. Even the SBB themselves admit that the passage is overstretched, especially during rush hour and during special events. However, before they can even begin to think about improvements, the SBB needs a contract and a financial decision – at least for infrastructure.

The property division of the enterprise is far less bureaucratic in that regard: Projects such as the renovation of the Meret-Oppenheim square are forced through in a short time. In the final run, no stone is left unturned in this planning jungle. And the commuters have to continue to squeeze past each other and even more blockades on the Passerelle appear day by day.

“Holy Cow” burger chain to open restaurant at Rümelinsplatz

Rümelinsplatz 1 in Basel is currently still decorated with an art installation by Federica Marangoni. But soon, fresh burgers will be fried there.

At the end of June last year, reported that the large building at Rümelinsplatz 1 had been sold to Nestor Immobilien AG – a daughter company of the Hess Investment Group. Hess announced that a gastronomy company was to open at the former fashion house. Until today it remained unclear who exactly was going to move in there.

The Swiss burger chain “Holy Cow” has announced it will open a restaurant at the premises. The company opened their first restaurant in 2009 and now operates eleven restaurants across Switzerland. With Basel, this makes a full dozen.

Their major product is “gourmet” burgers, made to “Swiss quality”, the company writes on its website. They are seeking to use at least one product from each canton. Menus consisting of burger, chips, and a soft drink cost 15.90 Swiss francs or more.

On 14 December last year the bz Basel regional news portal reported that “Holy Cow” will also open a restaurant in Liestal.


Short film competition for ninth “Gässli Film Festival”

The Gerbergässli in Basel will host the ninth “Gässli Film Festival” from 31 August to 3 September this  year. Regional as well as international filmmakers are invited to submit their films by 1 June.

For the ninth time, the “Gässli Film Festival” is looking for innovative short films by regional and international filmmakers. They will be shown to audiences from 31 August to 3 September in Gerbergässlein and be judged by a hand-picked jury. No matter if someone is a hobby director, a casual movie maker or a professional camera operator: all filmmakers are welcome to submit their films until 1 June.

Films of all genres and topics with a length of 20 minutes may be submitted. The films can be put into the categories “Up to 20 Years Old”, “Up to 30 Years Old”, Music Videos”, “Showcase Switzerland” or “Showcase World”.

The “Gässli Film Festival” invites inspiring personalities every year to show their work and share tips and tricks with the audience. The jury awards prices in four different categories, and every film automatically enters the competition for the Social Media popular prize.